Do not dye your hair more than 3 times a year!


Today, I, a hair dye manufacturer and wholesaler of hair dye, tell you that hair dye should be purchased from regular channels, and hair dye should not exceed 3 times a year! ! ! Hair dye contains p-phenylenediamine chemical substance, which is one of the standard carcinogens listed by the International Cancer Society. But the medical community has not yet determined whether it is equivalent to cancer, because the impact of cancer-causing chemicals in hair dye on the human body is a long process. It is recommended to pay attention to the following points when using hair dyes: 1. Use regular and safe hair dyes and buy them through regular channels.

my country has regulations on hair dyes, and the limit allowable concentration of PPD in hair dyes is 6%. Watch out for p-phenylenediamine on the packaging. 2. When dyeing hair, wear gloves at all times to avoid direct contact with the skin.

3. Before dyeing hair, apply a small amount of Vaseline oil on the scalp to isolate. 4. When washing your hair, don't use too much force and don't scratch your scalp. 5. Do not touch hair dye when the skin is damaged.

6. Wash your hair immediately after dyeing your hair, try to wash it two or three times, and do not leave hair dye products on your hair. 7. Do not use different hair dyes at the same time, chemical reactions may occur between the hair dyes. 8. Do not use hair dye to dye eyelashes and eyebrows.

9. Dye your hair no more than 3 times a year. 10. Patients suffering from blood diseases, urticaria, asthma, allergic diseases, those who are taking antibiotics, pregnant women and children are not recommended to dye their hair. Guangzhou Youji Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., located in Guangzhou, was founded in 2003.

It mainly produces functional cosmetics such as hair dye, perm, shampoo, and hair care. It has well-known hairdressing brands such as "Van Gogh", "Zhenbuzhan", "Guobuzhan", "Miaoshun" and "Miaohua", and its products are all over the country. , and sold overseas. The company adheres to the concept of customer first, product pursuit of "excellence, pursuit of higher", and continuously improves product quality and service tenet. We sincerely hope to work together with new and old merchants, users and friends to make progress hand in hand and move towards a better tomorrow! .

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