Perm scalp techniques and procedures for ion perm


The working principle of ion perm: Ammonia in one dose (softener) opens the cuticles, and ethanethiol acid cuts off the disulfide bond and the other three bonds (that is, cuts the four bonds into Free state), use high plastic to rearrange the four bonds, and sodium bromide and sodium peroxide in the second agent fix the four bonds to achieve straightness. At the same time, the hydrogen bond occurs above 135° Memory effect: Gentle, smooth (straight light) Instrument: Special ion straight hair splint, temperature controllable, constant temperature, four temperature zones 120°-140° 140°-160° 160 °—180° 180°—200°Procedure: 1. Identify the hair quality 2. Trim (not too fragile or too high layer, not too many incisions, prevent hairy hair, keep a certain amount of hair) 3. Determine the full hair according to the hair quality The softener on the section, or the softener on the section Apply the softener on the whole section: the hair quality is the same On the section: the hair quality is different Hair quality 4. Apply the first agent (softener) Resistance: the original solution is softened, do not apply it twice Dilute the stock solution with water, and the proportion depends on the hair quality. Sex: (Usually) 10-15 minutes (Severe) 5-10 minutes 6. Inspection method Wipe 2-3 hairs with the medicine, it can be easily pulled to 1-1.5 times of the original hair, slight rebound, visual softening is also possible Wipe 3-5 strands of hair with the medicine, make a hollow circle and place it in the palm of your hand. If there is no tension, it will bounce back. If not, the softening is successful (check each area). 7. Resistance to softening degree—100% softening degree Health—softening degree 80% Damage—softening degree 60% 8. The temperature of the flushing water should not be too high or too low, around 45-55°, no shampoo should be applied, and the third agent (C agent, balance agent) should not be applied. Nine, temperature adjustment (splint temperature) resistance: adjust 180°-200° health: adjust 160°-180° damage: adjust 140°-160°VS120°-140° Oil)—D agent is applied evenly, the amount should not be too much, do not apply to the hair roots, focus on the hair ends and damaged parts The width of the upper layer clip hair piece is 1.5-2cm, and the thickness of the hair piece is 0.5cm. 12. Apply the second dose (fixing agent) and stay for about 15-20 minutes, and apply evenly. Around 45-55°, do not use shampoo, apply the third agent (C agent, balance agent) 14, blow dry (blow straight) Note: When clipping the hair piece, first iron the hair root 1-2 times , do not use force, gently take it over, transpiration of water vapor at the root, prevent the steam from scalding the scalp, and then clip it down, the strength is even and softened. Successful hair usually clips 2-3 times to be straight, shiny, textured, and reflective That's it. Should I use conditioner for oily skin? How should conditioner be used?  OEM processing teaches you how to identify good or bad shampoo Related information news Should I use conditioner for oily skin? How should I use conditioner? For oily hair, many people mistakenly think that the built-in oil solubility does not need to use conditioner to make hair more oily, but they do not know that oily hair also needs to use conditioner.

Because hair oil does not mean that there is no lack of nutrients. Hair oil is mainly caused by endocrine disorders or lack of water. The more oily hair is, the more water-depleted the problem is. The best situation is water-oil balance. There are many types of hair conditioners on the market at present, and the functions of different products are also different. Some shampoos will provide certain oils and nutrients for dry hair, and have the effect of protecting scalp and hair scales. effect. And these oils are a kind of stress for oily hair, which makes the scalp water and oil more imbalanced, so oily hair can use some moisturizing hair conditioner.

1. Frequently asked questions about applying conditioner to oily hair: 1. Applying conditioner to oily hair does not need to be applied immediately to the hair and hair as much as possible. Clean and tidy, so that the hair becomes silky and smooth! 2. For oily hair, choose oil control tonic.

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