OEM processing teaches you how to identify the quality of shampoo


In order to maximize profits, many newly registered brands and companies often do not produce their own products. Generally, they will go to a factory that specializes in OEM agent processing to cooperate with them. Their factory undertakes the inner material and canning.

Then you only need to provide the brand logo and packaging materials. This not only saves costs, but also saves a lot of processing costs. So what problems should we pay attention to when choosing a shampoo OEM manufacturer? How to choose a suitable manufacturer to process your shampoo oem? Before investigating the shampoo factory, you need to know what the hottest types of shampoos are in recent years, so that you can choose the correct positioning of your products.

The first type of shampoo oem is ginger shampoo for anti-hair loss and hair growth: hair loss and hair loss are no longer a hair problem for young people, and the age is getting younger, because of more pressure in daily life, today's Young people also have the problem of hair loss very early, so the ginger anti-hair loss shampoo developed in recent years has become one of the shampoo types requested by many people. Shampoo oem The second type is silicone oil-free shampoo shampoo: it has also been very hot in recent years. Generally, in order to make the hair soft and silky, traditional shampoos will add silicone oil to the shampoo for long-term use. Lead to hair loss, and continue to have unhealthy hair.

Therefore, in recent years, many well-known brands have released silicone-free shampoos and shampoos. Its popularity is so great that as long as the companies that make cosmetics do not dare to say that they are shampoos, they do not seem to have released several silicone-free shampoos. Shampoo oem also has a carbohydrate shampoo: it has been very popular in recent years, the key is to add carbohydrate ingredients to the shampoo, and then it can maintain everyone's hair and hair healthier, so that our The hair digests and absorbs an extra layer of nutrients, leaving it fresh and non-greasy.

Hanli Biology has been focusing on shampoo OEM customization for 17 years. Principles, skills and procedures of ion perm.  Simple and practical home hair care knowledge. Related information news What is the difference between hair mud and gel water? The product form and characteristics of hair mud and hair gel are different. Hairspray is generally water-based, while hair mud is paste. The hairspray enhances the shine and shine of the hair.

Hair clay can fix the shape of the head and make the hair beautiful and shiny. It is an improved hair gel. It is not greasy, easy to clean and not easy to attract dust, and the shaping effect is long-lasting. The difference between hair mud and hair gel 1. Features Hair gel: To create a variety of light and smooth hair shapes, hair gel is your best choice. In addition, the hair spray can also improve the smoothness and shine of the hair.

The characteristics of hairspray are very obvious. It is liquid and quick-drying, soft and shiny, light in weight and moderate in strength, which is more suitable for styling soft hair. Hair mud: It can fix the shape of the head and make the hair beautiful and shiny. It is an improved hair gel. The property is not greasy, easy to clean and not easy to attract dust, and the shaping effect is long-lasting.

Whether you have more or less hair, applying a layer of hair mud can make your shape more stable. 2. Shape hair gel: Generally, it is water-based, and the hair gel is very light and will not lift the hair.

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