Simple and practical home hair care knowledge


Hair is an important factor for a good mental outlook, so modern people pay more and more attention to hair care. But going to a hair salon to do a hair treatment is not only time-consuming but also expensive, so you might as well learn some simple and practical hair care tips at home, so that you can enjoy a hair SPA at home. The correct shampooing method Shampooing is an important step in hair care, so if you want to make your hair soft and shiny, you must take the correct shampooing and nursing method.

Shampooing should begin at the back of the head and end at the hairline. There is a place called Baihui Point in the middle of the back of the head. Gently massaging this point when washing your hair is very important for hair and scalp maintenance. Breathing also has a magical effect. The autonomic nerve is the ordered carrier to transmit brain instructions to various organs of the human body. It is said that it has a great impact on hair quality, so some simple breathing movements can improve hair quality by changing the autonomic nerve.

After massaging or caring for shampoo, repeated deep breathing is equivalent to a safe care for the hair texture, and finally rinse the hair, and you will have a head of moist and refreshing hair the next day. Third, for oily hair, after drying the hair with a towel, you can apply 1-2 drops of natural vegetable oil such as apricot or Chinese toon to the hair roots. Follow this treatment to visibly improve dry hair, leaving it radiant and hydrated.

The key lies in healthy diet therapy When it comes to hair care, it must be inseparable from healthy eating habits. Only by ensuring enough healthy diet can hair be nourished from the inside out. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose healthy and cheap ingredients and insist on cooking at home, so that you can have natural hair that is comparable to the expensive treatments of hair salons! Hanli Biological Shampoo Processing Conditioner OEM OEM OEM processing teaches you how to identify good or bad shampoos 【Perm Technology】Let you thoroughly learn how to look at hair softening related information news Hanli Bio hairdresser teaches you to use ammonia-free hair dye cream0 /00 without any pigment: used to enhance the brightness of the target color and dilute the pigment in the dye cream, the target color can be added when dyeing hair. 00/00 very light fading cream: used for bleaching and color change, fading faster and more evenly, please use 6% hydrogen peroxide to fade the color; base color: stable pigment can be dyed deep; cover gray hair: when adding the target color, it can be balanced pigment.

Example: 5/77+44/0 (covering white hair) 6/11, 8/11, 9/11, 7/18, 9/18 high lightness gray: 1. fade the hair color by 9 degrees, directly add 6% 2. If black hair is dyed, it can show a linen cool brown effect; 3. Adding it to other target colors can play a neutral and balanced role, and the color is more delicate. Dye other warm target colors can add a little. 4, 5/77, 6/77, 7/77 Warm brown series: (1) Warm brown effect can be presented directly on black; (2) Slightly purple-gray effect on 9-degree background color (3) Balanced warm color can be used Department of other color points.

For example: 7/4+6/77(10:1) 8/45+8/3+12% red: ratio 2:1:3.5, remember! New hair can.

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