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In the past, I also wrote several articles on softening, and they were all very good skills. After my recent summary, I have improved my softening skills again. After reading this article, I hope that everyone can thoroughly learn to read softening. If you find it useful, I hope that everyone will hide their skills and share them on our forum.

All kinds of softening, I think this is the basic knowledge of softening, and it is necessary to understand these common senses. Putting aside these doubts today, let anyone learn to soften. One: Look at the hair quality = treat the disease Nowadays, almost no one's hair is completely healthy, and it will be damaged to some extent. I treat the hair as a patient.

What should patients do when they go to a doctor for treatment? Do they have to check first and then prescribe medicine? Does the hospital only need one medicine? Does any patient take this medicine? If it is not... Then we soften the hair, healthy hair, damaged hair, extremely damaged hair, is it a kind of medicine? Assuming that the same is true for the treatment of patients, no matter what disease is a kind of medicine, what will happen? The answer is, never treat the disease well! * Many hair stylists use No. 1 agent and No. 3 agent when they encounter different damaged hair. Do you know how much to mix and how much control do you have? Now that science is so developed, you don't need to do these at all. When you go to buy potions, ask the manufacturer directly whether I want resistance potions, normal damage potions, or extreme damage potions, and the manufacturer will directly inform you according to your situation.

Almost every brand of potion has healthy hair, damaged hair, severely damaged, extremely damaged, etc., but we often don't care about this, but no matter what kind of hair is a kind of potion. *The potion seller is here, you tell him that I want a potion for extremely damaged hair, and the salesman will naturally tell you which potion is the best, then you will remember that this potion is for hair softening in the future Softens extremely damaged hair. This is equivalent to the same hospital, and different patients take different medicines, that is, prescribing the right medicine.

There are many kinds of hair damage, we can set 5 levels by ourselves; 1=healthy 2=slightly damaged (only permed once, or once dyed) 3=generally damaged (permed twice, or once dyed) Twice dyeing, or one perm plus one dyeing) 4=severely damaged 5=extremely damaged. Only by distinguishing the grade can we prescribe the right medicine. For example, if a slight injury is a cold, then just prescribe him a cold medicine. Severely damaged is a cough, we just prescribe cough medicine for him.

There is no need for too much troublesome work at all. This is the first step I am talking about now. First, determine the degree to which the customer's hair is damaged. This is the same as when we treat patients. We must first figure out what kind of disease we have. If we don’t even understand the disease, how to treat it, no matter how good the medicine is, it won’t be able to cure it.

Hanli Biological Perm Water OEM Processing 2: Select the potion = prescribe the right medicine. The potion in your store does not need to be so troublesome at all. When we go to the manufacturer to get the potion, we will inform the manufacturer that I want a potion for resistant hair, and the manufacturer will naturally follow you. Recommended, you buy this potion and do an experiment on the resistant hair first, after the experiment is successful, calculate how long it will take to soften, assuming it is 30 minutes, OK, then you write a 1 and 1 on the bottle of this potion One 30, in the future, whenever you encounter resistant hair, you can directly take 1 potion to soften it for 30 minutes and it will be OK. We also ask the manufacturer for a potion for severely damaged hair, and take it back to test on severely damaged hair. After the test is successful, for example, for 5 minutes, then we will write a 4 and a 5 on the bottle of this potion , 4 means use on severely damaged hair, 5 means softening for 5 minutes. 5 different hair damage levels, 5 different potions, get it right 3: The influence of indoor temperature For example; 1 and 30 are written on the bottle, which means that this potion is specially used for resistant hair, just brush it on Wait for 30 minutes to flush and it's OK.

But we must know that the same potion is used in summer and winter, and there are still certain differences in the same method of operation. Then we can only experiment with this potion in summer and winter. After the experiment is successful, we can directly prescribe the right medicine. . Many times, customers come to do their hair and ask us what kind of potion we want to use. Usually, we tell customers that the expensive one is the best. This is the same as treating a disease. Is expensive medicine better for curing a disease? That's not the case, but the right medicine.

Why do hospitals prescribe the right medicine for different diseases? That's because the hospital has already classified the medicines for the patient before the patient enters the hospital. If you encounter this kind of patient in the future, you can just take the medicine and you're done. Four: A huge misunderstanding. Many people say that softening reaches 90%, 80%, and 70%. You are not professional in the patient's condition, you can't figure out the hair quality, and you don't know the characteristics of the potion you use. After a lifetime of research, I can't figure it out. After my method, I now think it is the easiest way to soften it, even if it is no problem to give an apprentice a potion, it is right to the symptom, the right time, and the right medicine, and it will be done! We see what a good way to see this article, I hope you leave a message! Hanli biological perm processing Simple and practical home hair care knowledge Correct use of hair conditioner Related information news The difference between pomade and pomade What's the difference? In fact, there is a big difference between the two, and they cannot be used indiscriminately.

What is the difference between hair wax and hair mud? Do boys use hair wax or hair mud? The first is their different textures. Hair wax is a waxy styling product with a bright color and very sticky. But it's hard to clean. Because hair wax is relatively oily, it is generally used by unskilled people, and the sense of proportion is not good, which will cause the top of the head to be very oily as if the hair has not been washed.

Hair mud is a mud-like styling product, which can make the hair stronger and will not change the texture of the hair. It is suitable for use when combing the details after hairstyle. The effect of hair wax is to prevent the hair from breaking due to insufficient fat metabolism, and make the hair soft, neat and beautiful after use. Boys use hair wax or hair mud to ask men whether it is better to use hair mud or hair wax, it depends on which hair design.

Pomade is more suitable for curly hair or hairstyles with a slight perm and no comb, while hair clay is more suitable for short hair and multi-layered hairstyles. This is the analysis of the difference between pomade and hair clay! When using hair mud, it cannot be mixed with water, so if you want to use hair mud to set the shape, you have to blow the hair until it is more than 70% dry before using the hair mud to have the setting effect. And applying the hair mud to the roots of the hair will have a better shaping effect than applying it to the scalp. Hair wax looks more crystal clear and translucent, and it is generally suitable for people with long hair, that is, it is suitable for girls to do hair styling.

Because its setting effect is not as good as gel water and hair mud, and men's hair is thick and hard, pomade cannot create trendy and exaggerated styling. So it is better to use hair wax or hair mud for men, now everyone knows how to choose! Guangzhou Youji Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. has dozens of brands of its own hairdressing products, source factories, and supports hair mud product processing and elastin oem customization services. With the expansion of the company's scale and the continuous expansion and demand of the market, we will meet new needs, actively adjust the direction of goals, and constantly improve self-construction. We look forward to sincerely cooperating with you, hand in hand, to create brilliance and achieve a win-win goal.

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