How to use conditioner correctly


It is said that hair is the second face of a person, do you know how to use hair conditioner for the best effect on hair? Friends who don't understand, hurry up and take a look. Hair conditioner should be used at a certain time Regarding the use of hair conditioner, experts tell us that hair conditioner can only provide nutrition to the hair within a certain period of time. Once the effective time is exceeded, it will not only fail to nourish the hair, but also easily cause Its dull and forked. Do not apply conditioner at the root of the hair. When using conditioner, apply the conditioner evenly on the hair, focusing on the ends of the hair. Be careful not to apply it at the root of the hair, so as not to increase the secretion of scalp oil and make the hair look greasy. Then gently massage the hair for 1 minute, and then clean it with warm water.

Tips: It is best to let the conditioner stay on the hair for 5 minutes after massage, so that the hair can fully absorb the nutrition of the conditioner. Frequent replacement of hair conditioner brands A type of hair conditioner is mostly similar and single in terms of ingredients and formula. Therefore, when we use hair conditioner, it is best to often change brands or different series. It is recommended to use About 3 months. Hair care only pays attention to nourishment and not isolation. Although there are many repairing and nourishing hair care products on the market today, few of them are hair care products that mention hair barrier. If the source is isolated, it is useless to use the best repair products, so we must first do a good job of isolating and protecting the hair before repairing and nourishing.

Hairdressing Products Wholesale Hanli Biological Hair Conditioner Processing Washing and Care Customized OEM Conditioning first, then shampooing. If the hair is not smooth, it will be more difficult to comb after wet than when it is dry. If it is strong, it will be easy to comb wet hair. Simply cause more serious damage to the hair, and even tear off a handful of fragile and brittle hair. Therefore, the editor recommends applying leave-in conditioner or hair conditioner before wetting the hair, combing the hair fully with a comb, and then wet the comb to comb the hair, and gradually wet the hair to prevent knots, dryness and static electricity. Flush after disappearing to minimize hair damage. [Perm Technique] Let you thoroughly learn how to soften your hair  The anti-dandruff shampoo manufacturer teaches you the correct way to wash your hair! Related information news How to buy imported hair dye safely 1. Temporary hair dye This kind of hair dye is mainly made of dyes with low affinity with hair, such as lemon yellow, fluorescent green, rose red, etc. to make sprays, gels, and pomades. The dyed hair is temporarily attached to the hair surface, and it is difficult to penetrate the hair surface.

If you want to fade the color, you can just wash it directly. It is mainly used in photography modeling, wedding makeup, filming entertainment and other scenes. 2. Semi-permanent hair dye This kind of hair dye uses some alkaline and disperse dyes with small molecules and strong affinity with the hair. By contacting the hair, part of it penetrates into the hair, so that the color can be retained for several days and can last for several times. Fades after rinsing. 3. The common permanent hair dyes on the market are usually divided into AB dosage forms. The principle of action is that the intermediates and coupling agents penetrate into the hair in the form of small molecules. Under the action of alkali and hydrogen peroxide, a series of oxidation and coupling reactions occur. Relatively large molecules are formed, which get stuck in the hair and are therefore preserved for a relatively long period of time.

Among them, PPD (p-phenylenediamine) is the intermediate and RCN (resorcinol) is the most widely used coupling agent. 4. Safe purchase of imported hair dyes (1) Check the packaging.

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