Tips to make your hair are not frizzy


My hair is always easy to get knotted, and it still looks frizzy, fluffy and explosive, like an "electric shock" style. If you have this kind of hair, you must pay attention to maintenance, because your hair has been damaged and is in a state of lack of water. So how to care for frizzy and knotted hair? Share a few tips to keep your hair from fluffy!

How to deal with frizzy and knotted hair

Unruly and frizzy hair can be maintained with hair conditioner and hair care essential oils, and it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the ingredients of the shampoo you usually use are too strong. When hair is frizzy, try to shampoo with warm water instead of hot water. Do not perm dye your hair for a short period of time, and trim damaged hair regularly.

What to do if the hair is too fluffy

1. This type of hair is naturally short of water, and the hair is oval and slightly curved. Because of the lack of water, the hair is very fragile and easy to break, so there will be a lot of broken hair mixed in the middle of the sofa hair, which is the reason. For general sofa customers, I would suggest to keep it long and then straighten it. It can also be used to perm curly hair, so there is an extra process, which is to straighten the tail of the hair and perm it. Short hair will be more fluffy and more difficult to manage, so it is not recommended to cut short hair.

2. The daily maintenance of hair care and hair care manufacturers cannot be ignored, because the hair itself is dry, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, the hair will become more frizzy. Every time you wash your hair, you must use a conditioner to increase the smoothness of the hair. Treatments such as hair mask should be done at least once a week, which is called congenital deficiency and acquired supplementation. The hair that has been permed and dyed needs more care. I won’t say much about the importance of care.

3. This kind of hair is fluffy and thick, so many people will ask the hair stylist to thin it out. In fact, the thinner the hair, the more fluffy it is, because the more broken hair, the greater the support force, the greater the fluffiness, and the degree of frizz caused by broken hair It will also intensify, so be cautious when thinning.

4. If the bulkiness is not particularly serious, you can consider cutting your hair. If the sofa is seriously long, straighten it. There is no other good way. Now there are some special repair methods on the market, such as hair hyaluronic acid plastic repair project, which can keep the hair smooth and docile for 3~6 months after one treatment, but the price is relatively expensive, so think twice.

Ways to Repair Your Hair

1. Water temperature: When shampooing, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. If the water temperature is too hot, the surface layer of the hair fiber will swell, causing knots and dull color. Cleansing with warm water does not irritate the scalp and also keeps the hair shiny. Combined with massage, it stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and helps hair roots absorb nutrients.

2. Shampoo ingredients: Hair care and hair care manufacturers use shampoos containing amino acid ingredients. Do not use strong alkaline or shampoos containing chemical foaming agents, because the cleaning power is too strong, it is easy to dry the hair and scalp, form dandruff or itchy. Many shampoos or conditioners contain fragrances, dyes or preservatives. These ingredients may cause skin sensitivity, so choose carefully.

3. Conditioner: Conditioner can form a layer of antistatic moisturizing protective film, so that moisture and nutrients are not easy to lose. After applying the conditioner, wait for about 1 minute to allow the hair to fully absorb nutrients. When using hair conditioner, try not to touch the scalp, and must be rinsed off, otherwise it will block the hair follicles, lead to increased dandruff, and cause fat particles on the scalp or hair loss.

4. Strengthen repair: apply a leave-in conditioner before going to bed to repair dry and damaged hair, and do it two to three times a week for the effect. For deep hydration, use a moisturizing hair mask twice a week.


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