What is going on after the hair is after washing, what should I do if the hair oil is oil?


What's the matter with oily hair after washing, what to do with oily hair

Generally, I wash my hair every 2-3 days, but sometimes my hair becomes a bit oily just after washing. What is the reason? How do I deal with oily hair?

What's the matter with oily hair after washing:

1. Improper cleaning

Hair care salons often use hair conditioner to care for hair when washing hair, and the main raw materials of hair conditioner are composed of surfactants, auxiliary surfactants, cationic conditioning agents, and fat-increasing agents. Surfactants mainly play the role of emulsification; auxiliary surfactants can assist emulsification; cationic conditioners can soften and condition the hair; fat enhancers such as lanolin, olive oil, silicone oil, etc. can improve hair nutrition in hair conditioners condition, make hair shiny and easy to comb. When the conditioner is applied to the hair, it will feel greasy. If the conditioner is not rinsed off afterwards, the hair will become greasy immediately after washing.

2. The product is incorrect

It may also be because the hair care products you choose are not suitable for you. If you use products that are not suitable for your hair and scalp, you may have greasy hair.

How do I deal with oily hair:

There are many reasons for oily hair, and the situation of oily hair needs to be solved according to the cause of oily hair.

1. If the hair is oily due to improper cleaning, you can wash it again with clean water until the hair does not feel greasy.

2. The shampoo and conditioner selected by the hair care salon are not suitable. For example, if you have oily hair, but you choose a cleansing product that does not control oil, your hair will be oily easily. Therefore, when choosing shampoo and conditioner, it is necessary to choose the appropriate shampoo and care products according to the individual hair quality.

3. The way of washing hair is also very important. If the method of washing hair is not correct, it may also cause greasy hair. For example, apply conditioner all over the hair, but the correct way to use conditioner is to apply it on the hair Tail will do. So it is very important to master the correct method of washing hair.


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