The correct way to wash your hair


The right way to wash your hair

Only with good skin quality can you put on a beautiful makeup look. Similarly, if you want to perform fashionable hair, you need a healthy scalp and hair. It is not difficult to have a healthy scalp and hair. Using the correct method of shampooing and massaging the scalp in daily life can improve hair quality and prevent dandruff and hair loss.

1. Yogi flushes the hair with a fluffy head, 80% of the dirt can be washed away, and use warm water to wet the hair and scalp completely, so that the shampoo can produce fine foam.

2. Slightly dilute the shampoo in the palm of your hand with water, and rub a lot of foam, and then apply it on the hair. Rubbing the foam first can avoid rubbing the hair, and it will not leave the shampoo on the scalp.

3. Divide the shampoo foam into 3 to 5 parts, and apply it on several important parts such as the sides, the top of the head, and the back of the head.

4. Use your fingertips to draw a large circle on the scalp to wash away the basic dirt on the scalp and clean the dust from the scalp and hair roots.

5. Yogi uses the power of the fingertips to press down on the top of the head, and massage from the top of the head to the back of the head to relieve the tight scalp pressure.

6. In order to clean the shampoo to the end of the hair, use your hand as a comb to comb the end of the hair. Just use your fingers to gently pass through the hair. If you rub it, it will damage the cuticle of the hair. After cleaning the scalp and hair ends once, put the hair on the top of the head, and massage the scalp with fingertips from the back of the head to the top of the head. If shampoo is left on the scalp, it will cause dandruff and itchy scalp. Rinse your scalp with warm water, paying special attention to the sides behind your ears, as it can be easy to overlook rinsing.


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