Can Hair Conditioner Be Used To Wash Clothes?


As a common hairdressing product, hair conditioner can make up for the natural loss of hair oil, keep hair soft and reduce static electricity, and prevent wet hair from tangling, making hair soft, elastic and shiny after drying. Can hair conditioner wash clothes?

Hair conditioner cannot be used to wash clothes, because hair conditioner is only a hair care and hairdressing product, and has no decontamination function, so it cannot be used to wash clothes, and the clothes cannot be washed clean. The most important thing is that some of our intimate clothes are more It requires special cleaning products to clean. Some friends said that they want to change to another hair treatments, but the original one has not been used up, and they can’t wash clothes. It’s a waste to leave it idle. Don't worry, Yogi will tell you about other magical functions of hair conditioner: 

  1. 1. Remove the toilet smell: The toilet always smells every once in a while, which makes the air in the bathroom very bad. At this time, you can pour an appropriate amount of conditioner into the toilet tank, and then flush it with boiling water after a few minutes to replace it What is more fragrant is the taste.

  2. 2. Clean the floor: You can use hair conditioner to clean the floor, so that the floor of your home will be particularly clean, accompanied by a fragrance.

    3. Cleaning pillowcases: When we wash pillowcases, we can use hair treatments to clean them, because our hair contains oil, and of course there are also pillowcases. The washing powder we usually use cannot remove oil well, and the hair care hair treatment contains this degreasing ingredient, so washing the pillowcase with conditioner is the best.

  3. Conclusion

  4. Finally, what Yogi wants to say is that although hair conditioner have magical effects, it should not be used indiscriminately. Not everything can be washed with hair conditioner. It is correct to choose products according to your actual needs.

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