Can boys use hair conditioner? Why do boys use hair conditioner?


Boys' hair is as important as girls' hair. High-quality hair quality and hairstyle are one of the necessary conditions for a handsome man. Therefore, boys must not ignore hair care, and choosing the right conditioner is the first step in hair care for boys.

Why do boys also use hair conditioner Hair color and hair volume are born, but the health of the hair is acquired.

Excessive perm, hair dyeing, and damage to hair by light, heat, and ultraviolet rays make the hair that lacks vitality even worse. The damage to the hair scales makes the hair yellow, easy to break, and lose its luster. These characteristics are not only found in girls, boys are no exception. It is difficult for shampoos to meet all the ingredients needed to repair damaged hair, so consumers are more inclined to choose some quick-acting products, repairing liquids for special care, and hair conditioners are therefore produced.

Shampoos use anionic and nonionic surfactants as the main raw materials to provide decontamination and foaming effects, while the main raw materials of hair conditioners are cationic surfactants. After shampooing the hair, use the conditioner, which can neutralize the anionic molecules remaining on the hair surface to form a monomolecular film, and make the tangled hair obedient and easy to comb. It can close the cuticle scales of the hair, making the hair smooth and easy to comb, healthy and supple. It can more effectively nourish the hair and repair damaged hair than shampoo.

Therefore, in order to better protect the hair quality, boys should also use conditioner.

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