Can pregnant women use hair conditioner? What should pregnant women pay attention to when using hair conditioner?


Hair conditioner is a very common hair care product. Many people use hair conditioner to care for their hair, especially female friends. We all know that after pregnancy, women will have a lot of precautions. Can pregnant women use hair conditioner? What should I pay attention to when using hair conditioner?

  1. For the healthy development and safety of the fetus during pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant women do not use hair conditioner, because the conditioner is mainly composed of surfactants, co-surfactants, cationic conditioners, fat enhancers, oils, chelating agents, antiseptics Agents, pigments, flavors and other active ingredients.

    In fact, the hair conditioner hair care process is actually a chemical reaction process, which is irritating to a certain extent. Although these hazards are within the acceptable range for normal people, pregnant women are more likely to be stimulated due to their special physiological environment, so it is best to avoid excessive use of chemical cleaning products. If you must use it, it is recommended to choose hair care products for pregnant women. These hair conditioners are safe in ingredients and mild in nature. They are specially designed for pregnant women's hair and are suitable for pregnant women.

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  4. Precautions for pregnant women to use hair conditioner Although pregnant women can use special conditioner for pregnant women to improve hair problems, if the conditioner is used improperly, the efficacy of the conditioner will be greatly reduced, so pregnant women should understand the conditioner The correct way to use it!

  5. 1. Drain the water before using it. Before using the hair conditioner, you should use a dry towel to dry the moisture in the hair before applying the conditioner. The effective absorption of the hormone will also cause the conditioner to be lost with the water dripping, resulting in waste!

  6. 2. Apply to the ends of the hair. Pregnant mothers should not apply the conditioner on the scalp. Clogged pores damage the scalp. Usually the ends and ends of the hair lack nutrition and are dry and frizzy, so conditioner is required. If pregnant mothers want to enhance the effect of hair care, they can wrap their hair with a hot towel for a while after using the conditioner to achieve the effect of baking oil.

  7. Dosage needs to be controlled. Pregnant mothers should not think that the hair is dry and need to increase the amount of conditioner, because excessive use of conditioner will cause excessive oil content in the hair, which is easy to cause dandruff, especially for pregnant women with oily hair , and too much conditioner is not easy to clean, sticking to the hair for a long time will make the hair fragile. 4. Clean thoroughly. Although the conditioner has the effect of hair care, if it is not cleaned, there will be excess residue on the hair, which will not only fail to nourish the hair, but will also make the hair wrapped in the ingredients of the conditioner and cannot breathe, resulting in hair loss. Dry ends and other consequences. Note: The hair conditioner should be rinsed off, but pregnant mothers should be careful not to use overheated hot water to rinse, as this will burn and damage the hair root and core, making the hair care effect half the effort.

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