Classification of KTV audio


If KTV audio engineering installation is measured by different standards, multimedia speakers are undoubtedly diverse. From a structural point of view, it can be divided into two main structural types: small bookshelf 2.0 speakers and X.1. The former usually consists of two speakers, and each speaker includes two speaker units, a treble and a bass, which respectively receive high-frequency signals and low-frequency signals under the action of frequency division components in the speakers, and emit mid-range, high-pitched and low-pitched sounds respectively.

At present, high-quality 2.0 speakers have been developed towards Hi-Fi to meet the needs of music appreciation; while X.1 structure speakers adopt an independent bass unit design on the basis of 2.0 speakers to further strengthen the low frequency response of the speaker.

In order to provide more accurate and rich sound field positioning and enhance the sound presence, the X.1 system is also equipped with multiple surround speakers such as front, center, and rear, so that people can watch DVD multi-channel blockbusters and play multi-channel movies. Feel the strong audio-visual shock when playing games with the sound channel. In addition to the traditional 2.1, 4.1 and 5.1 channels, the current 7.1 channel speakers are also born with the emergence of 7.1 channel sound cards.

Some KTV song ordering system manufacturers said that in terms of usage, multimedia speakers are mainly used for listening to music, watching movies, playing games, etc. Some powerful manufacturers have also specially designed related speaker products for these purposes. Due to the wide variety of multimedia speakers on the market, the performance and price vary greatly, so you must choose according to your needs when purchasing. For example, when watching DVD multi-channel movies or playing mainstream games, it is necessary to choose a set of speakers with more than 4.1 channels and a matching sound card, so as to reproduce a more accurate 3D positioning effect.

For enjoying music, you don't have to configure more than 4.1, sometimes a high-quality two-channel system is more suitable.


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