The difference between good leave-in conditioner and ordinary conditioner_ which one is better to use


The biggest difference between leave-in conditioner and ordinary conditioner is that one needs to be washed and the other does not need to be washed. What are the specific differences between them. If you can correctly understand more of their differences, you can avoid a lot of detours when choosing a conditioner.

Next, let's take a look at the differences between them.

1. Different ingredients: Leave-in conditioners do not contain moisturizing ingredients and vegetable oils that nourish hair in ordinary conditioners, which is why many ordinary conditioners need to be rinsed with water. 2. Different effects: Leave-in conditioner is easier to absorb than ordinary conditioner, and it is easier to lock in moisture, and it is not greasy, and it is convenient to use.

So the leave-in conditioner is mainly to nourish the hair, while the ordinary conditioner also has a cleaning effect. 3. Different ways of use: The leave-in conditioner can be applied directly on the hair, and the repairing leave-in conditioner can also be used at night, while the ordinary conditioner is applied to the hair for a few minutes and then washed with water . What are the characteristics of leave-in conditioner? A leave-in conditioner prevents the surface of the cuticles that open up during shampooing from being damaged and generating static electricity.

However, the nourishing ingredients in it can only be absorbed by the surface of the hair, and cannot really cure damaged hair. Most vegetarian hair care experts suggest that we can use spray-type leave-in conditioner or suppleness, the formula contained in these conditioners is different from that of ordinary conditioners, and it is more convenient to use. Leave-in conditioner also includes hair tail protector, which can prevent split ends and breakage of hair ends. Because hair tail conditioner is relatively oily, it can make hair look more moisturized and shiny. However, oily hair People with fine hair are not suitable for this conditioner.

In addition, another major feature of the leave-in conditioner is that when you use hair gel, mousse, hair wax and other styling products, you must apply the leave-in conditioner before use, which can be very beneficial to avoid these styling products. Hair damage.

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