Features and Usages For hair bleach powder


Hair bleach powder is a must-have item for many hairstyle enthusiasts. It's an easy and convenient way to turn your hair into the perfect shade of blonde, or to lighten your natural color without risking damage. Hair bleach powder is a great way to give yourself a new look without having to visit the salon. But what exactly is bleach powder? How does it work and what are the best ways to use it? Read on for an in-depth look at hair bleach powder, its features, uses, and benefits.

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What is hair bleach powder ?

Hair bleaching powder is a type of chemical that is used to lighten the color of hair.  It is typically applied in combination with other products such as developer or toner, and used to achieve a specific shade of lightness.  Hair bleaching is often confused with hair dyeing, but they are two different processes.  While dyeing adds color to the hair, bleaching removes it and opens up a whole range of possibilities for new colors and styles.

Hair bleach powder Application

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Features and Usages For hair bleach powder

Bleach powder is a powerful and versatile tool when it comes to lightening the color of your hair. It's a great way to go from dark brown to blonde without having to use harsh chemical dyes. It can also be used to create highlights or lowlights, or even to change the tone of your hair color. But bleach powder isn't just for changing your hair color. It can also be used for a variety of other purposes, such as removing stains or adding texture to your hair.

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In Conclusion

Hair bleaching powder is a hair lightening product that works by lifting the pigment in the hair. It is used to create lighter shades of hair, such as blondes and highlights. Hair bleaching was traditionally used to prepare the hair for dyeing, but now it is also used to lighten natural or dyed hair. YOGI specialized in producting hair color bleach powder since 2006, contact us!

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