How should shampoo be chosen?


Let a professional shampoo manufacturer popularize science for you: 1. Look at the packaging first. Generally, the packaging of good shampoos is very delicate, the workmanship is very fine, the material and plastic used are very hard, and the color is very positive and soft, the interface is tight, no cracks, and the words on it are printed very clearly; 2.

Smell the fragrance. The better the shampoo, the lighter and closer to the natural flavor, such as fruit flavor, which is light and not offensive, and has a long-lasting fragrance after use; 3. Look at the bubbles.

Generally, a good shampoo is very good at foaming. A little bit of water can make a lot of foam, and the finer the foam, the better; 4. Check whether the paste of the shampoo is delicate.

The better it is, the finer it is, there will be no lumps, and the paste is coherent and viscous, and it is sticky when it flows, and the flow is not fast; there are also very few hair waters that add plant or biological ingredients, which cause incoherent effects, but these ingredients It is very beneficial for hair. the 5. It is easy to rinse clean.

It is easy to rinse off when flushing, and there is no sticky feeling; 6. The feeling after use. The hair should be light, and naturally smooth, without untangling.

the There is not much difference in the price of shampoos in the market. The shampoos in supermarkets basically belong to the mid-range series, which are more suitable for the taste of the public. In short, no matter what kind of shampoo we choose, the first thing we should remember is not to use shampoo every day, which will wash off the oil of the hair itself and make the hair and scalp dry.

Secondly, you should use shampoo every other day. At other times, if you want to feel cleaner, just rinse with water, which not only maintains your hygiene principles, but also ensures the health of your scalp and hair. will be more beautiful.

If your hair is dry, damaged or frizzy, you should choose a shampoo that moisturizes. Products containing natural oils such as avocado oil are great for detangling frizz. You can also use synthetic emollients.

If your hair is always shiny and waxed, you should choose a shampoo for oily hair. A shampoo with tea tree oil will work well. Do not use alcohol-based shampoos, which, while effective at removing oil, can also damage your hair and dry out your scalp.

the In addition, concentration cannot be the only criterion for measuring the quality of shampoo. It is not that the thicker the shampoo, the better, and the thinner the better. Whether it is a new brand or an old brand, it is best to choose a product that is comfortable and smooth to wash by yourself, and does not feel that it will damage the hair quality.

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