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Although hair does not belong to the list of facial features, hair and facial features play an equally important role in a person's appearance. Therefore, it is necessary to have a head of elegant and beautiful hair. At this time, we must start with hair conditioner. Hair conditioner, how to choose, in fact, the choice of conditioner should be determined according to the hair quality.

How to choose hair conditioner: 1. Fragile hair: This kind of hair loses elasticity due to extreme lack of nutrition, and is fragile and easy to break. Therefore, it is best to choose hair conditioner containing nutrients for care. 2. Oily hair: When it is just washed, it does give people a refreshing feeling; but under the strong irradiation of ultraviolet rays, the hair mixed with sweat is extremely greasy, sticky and unbearable.

Fortunately, however, there are oil-controlling hair conditioners that keep oily hair dry and comfortable for a long time. This kind of hair conditioner is like a master of coaxing girls, keeping the oily hair like a woman docile. 3. Dry hair: Because the hair scales in the hair structure have been damaged, the hair lacks water and oil, and it is easy to become dry when exposed to sunlight. In severe cases, it may turn yellow, split ends, and become fragile and easy to dry. Therefore, in the choice of hair conditioner, you should pay attention to whether it has a moisturizing effect, so that your hair can breathe deeply like the skin.

According to the time left on the hair, conditioner can be divided into four types: moisturizing conditioner, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner, and instant conditioner: 1. Conditioner Essence: This product is very similar to the capsule-shaped essence we usually use for skin care. It is used on wet hair after washing; it can restore the neutral pH of the hair, increase the luster of the hair, and make the hair easy to comb. For dry and damaged hair. 2. Leave-in conditioner: When towel-drying hair, use this conditioner on the hair; this product only has the function of preventing heat damage, and can form a film on each hair strand, making the hair diameter slightly Increases shine and makes hair more manageable.

Suitable for preventing dry and damaged hair, making hair easy to comb and style, especially for hair that is often styled with a blow dryer. 3. Deep hair conditioner: It exists in the form of cream. When using it, it should be left on the hair for about 10-30 minutes, and then apply it with a hair dryer or a warm towel. This product is suitable for chemically damaged hair, such as after perming or dyeing, and is suitable for weekly use.

4. Instant hair conditioner: use it immediately after shampooing, leave it for about 1 minute, and then rinse it off with water; the moisturizing effect of this product is not very ideal, but it can make the hair easy to comb and the ability to repair the hair is also good Limited, most of the products used in household and beauty salons are of this kind. This product works on lightly damaged hair to add moisture to the hair and is also suitable for use after every shampoo. Experts suggest that after washing your hair, you should use conditioner in time, especially when your hair is dyed and permed. For oily hair, don’t use conditioner every day, which will easily cause dandruff.

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