How to improve hair split ends


There are many reasons for dry hair and split ends, such as malnutrition, chemical damage, sun exposure, long-term smoking, lack of sleep, etc. Let's first look at the structure of hair: The outermost layer of the hair is the cuticle, also known as the "scale". This is 7-10 layers of dead cells, covering the hair surface like fish scales.

A healthy cuticle is intact and tight, so the surface of the hair is smooth. Below the cuticle is the real main body of the hair, the cortex. It accounts for more than 90% of the total weight of hair and is mainly composed of keratin.

The cuticle plays a protective role for the real main body of the hair, the fur cortex. But the fur skin is not an eternal guardian, it can also be injured, and once the fur skin is lifted, it is difficult to return to a healthy state. Taking into account the growth time of hair, healthy hair grows about 1cm per month.

If the hair is 60cm long, if the root of the hair is a newborn baby, the tip of the hair may be 5 years old. During these 5 years, wind and sun, grooming and drying, dyeing and ironing will all cause damage to the hair cuticle. It can be known that on a piece of hair, the hair cuticle at the tip of the hair is the most severely damaged.

If the cuticle is raised, damaged, or even missing, the fur cortex will be directly exposed. Drying and bifurcation are inevitable~ For split ends, some care products can be used to nourish the hair, such as hydrotherapy, hair conditioner, baking oil products, etc. Tips for preventing hair split ends: (1) Do not chemically treat hair too much, such as perming, bleaching, dyeing and excessive use of hair dryers.

(2) Avoid strong exposure to the summer sun. (3) Avoid using improper shampoo. (4) Ensure sufficient sleep time to prevent fatigue.

(5) Avoid seawater erosion. (6) For those with long hair, in order to avoid hair split ends, it is best to cut the ends of the hair about 40 days, and use oil-based shampoo, and oil it regularly. (7) Massage the scalp with a sideburn brush frequently to improve blood circulation and stimulate oil secretion.

(8) Every time you blow hair, you must wet your hair first, and do not blow hair when it is dry. In addition, you can choose hair care products with repairing and nourishing effects, the editor recommends to you Yogi Conditioner! ! Shaping black and shiny hair, saying goodbye to dry and split ends, Yogi Cosmetics has been working hard for the "top" cause of human beings, making unremitting efforts to shape Chinese people's healthy hair and build the first brand of national shampoo. Hope more dealers cooperate with us to create a better future of national shampoo!.

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