How to use conditioner_First use conditioner and then shampoo


Daily hair care is especially important, and the easiest thing to control is washing and care. Almost everyone will struggle with a question! Shampoo first or conditioner first? Again, it is recommended that you use conditioner first and then shampoo, why? Let's take a closer look at the effect of using conditioner first!

1. The hair becomes more fluffy. I don’t know if you have noticed. Generally, after shampooing and conditioner, the hair becomes smooth and even sticks to the head. There is no fluffy feeling. If you try to wash it in reverse, the hair will Not only is it moisturized at the beginning, but it also becomes fluffy afterwards. 2. The ability to control oil becomes stronger. Greasy hair is the most difficult problem for us to solve, because it is determined by the hair quality.

But first, applying a layer of conditioner to the hair can improve the problem of oily hair. The main ingredients of the conditioner are cationic conditioning agents, which smooth the frizz and moisturize the hair. Shampooing after application also prevents the conditioner from sticking to dust. 3. Hair quality will be better If the conditioner is not washed and left on the hair, it is easy to block the pores of the scalp and cause hair loss.

But put it in the first step, it can be cleaned more effectively without leaving residue.

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