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The hair dye processing series is divided into the following categories: Washing and care series: shampoo, conditioner, shampoo-free hair mask, hair care essential oil, amino acid care liquid dyeing, perm series: hair dye cream, perm agent, easy to comb black, easy Combing color, fading powder, bleaching powder and setting series: elastin, hair clay, hair gel, gel water, gel paste. Van Gogh 3D bubble washing color is full, shiny and moving, 18 kinds of trendy colors, unlock more color choices, bubble washing is simple and convenient, you can easily dye trendy colors at home, press 1 to 1 exchange, shake it, press the nozzle to release the bubble Squeeze the bubbles into your hands and apply to dry hair; massage the bubbles into the hair fully, as easy as shampooing; check and wait to ensure that the bubbles are applied evenly and wait for about 30 minutes, then rinse with water. Foam hair dye is semi-permanent. Some dyes with relatively small molecules penetrate into the hair and can change the color of hair in a short time. After we use foam hair dye to dye hair, we should choose low-alkaline shampoo and then use conditioner to maintain it. To keep the hair texture soft, fluffy and bright, and increase the firmness of hair flowers.

Make foaming hair dye last longer. Hair dyeing is a relatively common beauty treatment, which is the process of dyeing hair into a favorite color by using plant hair dyes or chemical hair dyes. Plant hair dyes are less harmful to hair than chemical hair dyes.

Guangzhou Youji Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. is a wholesale manufacturer of hair dyes. It is a non-irritating, pure plant hair dye, and comes with a piece of essential oil, which can be added to the hair dye to make the hair as smooth and shiny as a hair mask. Non-toxic and ammonia-free, natural and healthy. Plant hair dyeing is healthy and safe, has no effect on perm, excellent luster and smoothing effect, deeply nourishes hair, repairs dry and damaged hair, inhibits scalp damage, dandruff, scalp itching and inflammation, etc., 100% covers gray hair, implements Time period, no scalp irritation and odor, moisturizing and softer;.

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