Professional development of stage lighting use


Stage lighting is an important part of stage performance. It is an artistic creation that purposely reproduces the design intention to the audience in the form of visual images. However, due to the lack of guidance on professional use rules, there are still improper use in some stage performances. Condition. How to strictly follow the principle of use has become an important crux of the professional development of stage lighting.

Especially in occasions with high performance requirements, the shape and rational use of lighting are directly related to the quality of the program, so the design and selection of lighting in sound engineering are very important.

Light speed lamps, wash lamps and pattern lamps can be reasonably configured according to needs to achieve an artistic effect of a certain light color, and each performs its own duties to ensure the effect.

Based on the in-depth understanding of the functions of different types of lamps and the practical experience of application requirements and integration, it is reflected in a series of lamps from light source selection, optical path system optimization, mechanical system control, computer chip program curing, and appearance modeling. links. For floodlight, when used in engineering, it is divided into 500w, 750W, 1000W and other specifications, all of which have the characteristics of uniform light emission, large projection area and soft light.

It is usually used in occasions that require large-area lighting such as sky curtains and ground curtains. As far as the brand of the product is concerned, in general projects, the use of some high-quality domestic products should meet the requirements.

Dimming is a basic requirement for stage lighting.

Since conventional lamps use filament-heated tungsten-halogen light sources, they can be easily dimmed by changing the voltage, but HID light sources cannot achieve 0%~100% full-range electric dimming, and usually can only be dimmed mechanically by using a shutter. In order to realize intelligent and humanized control equipment and remote control equipment, the development of the high-end digital computer lamp embedded software system of Caiyi provides a new concept for the intelligent control of stage lighting, and realizes the mutual communication between the master-slave control in the lamp. The console remotely monitors and manages lamps, lamps without power-on parameter setting, compatible with multiple protocols, remote control of lamp addresses, intelligent speed regulation of fans, lamp working timing, intelligent adjustment of lamp current, and intelligent lamp error detection. The application of this intelligent control technology provides lighting operators with comprehensive monitoring and remote control functions, which greatly reduces the workload of stage lighting application projects and improves the efficiency of stage lighting installation projects. It is a profound stage lighting project. It will create and stimulate a new industry application model on a more and larger scale


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