Talking about the difference between beam light and moving head light


1. Beam lights focus on beams of light, bright beams of light are the pursuit of beam lights; moving head lights, in fact, should be said to be pattern lights of discharge bulbs, and focus on the final results of beams of light, namely spots and patterns. The purposes of the two lamps are different, so the application occasions have changed significantly.

2. The light sources of the two lamps are different, and the application occasions are different.

The beam light is a metal halide lamp, and the pattern light is a discharge bulb. The metal halide lamp used in the beam lamp has a small beam angle and higher light efficiency, so even if the power is not very high, you can get a very bright beam of light. Take Delia's sharpy GTR beam200 as an example, at 20 meters The distance and luminous flux can reach 82,500 lumens, which is much higher than the luminous flux of the 1200W moving head pattern light of the discharge bulb at a distance of 10 meters! Because the pattern light irradiates cone-shaped light, the paving area is much larger than that of the beam light. Assuming that a pattern light can illuminate an adult, then a beam light cannot illuminate a child.

Therefore, beam lights are more often used in explosive scenes, such as opening shows and close-ups during singing and dancing, with strobes to create a passionate visual impact. The pattern lamp is more about the art of displaying softness and intellectuality. It can be savored in the soft and slow dance. Through the combination of different colors and patterns, it can form a soft and gorgeous scene and create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

3. Due to the difference in light effect, the actual usable distance of the two kinds of lights is also very different. The recommended use distance of the beam light is 12 meters, while the use range of the pattern light is 5 meters.

The author really felt in the production workshop of Delia that when the beam light is irradiated at close range, it is easy to cause a feeling of dizziness, because the light is too bright. The pattern light of the discharge bulb will not have this feeling.


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