Teach you how to buy stage laser lights


In addition to professional-grade computer moving head lights and new LED stage lights, stage lighting also has stage laser lights that are timeless. Stage laser light is a laser product that can automatically produce various laser beams, laser patterns, and laser characters with the rhythm of music. A new product.

When purchasing laser lights, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. When purchasing, pay attention to the power and spot diameter

The beam of laser light is fatal to human eyes, the greater the power, the more dangerous! If the spot diameter is less than 2mm and the power is greater than 100mW, if the stationary green laser beam directly hits the human skin, it will disappear within a few seconds. There is a burning sensation.

When the same spot, the green laser beam with a power greater than 300mW is directly irradiated on the clothes, the clothes may be burned through within one minute. Therefore, never look directly at the stationary laser beam!

During the laser show, the laser beam is scattered by high-speed galvanometer scanning. Although the power of the laser is relatively high, the laser power density per unit area after scanning is already very low, and it usually does not cause irreversible damage to human eyes. . However, if the laser beam suddenly stops moving during the normal scanning process due to a fault in the circuit or the scanning mirror, and this laser beam happens to hit your eye, then it depends on your luck.

If it is light, your eyesight will decrease obviously, if it is serious, you will lose your sight immediately!

The laser show looks good, but it is very dangerous! In order to solve this problem, developed countries such as Europe and the United States have developed a set of "laser scanning out of control protection" technology. After the laser light is equipped with this technology, when the laser beam stops scanning unexpectedly, the laser will be automatically closed immediately. Therefore, in order to protect the eyes of you and your customers, you must pay attention to whether the product has the "laser scanning failsafe" function when purchasing a laser demonstration product, and verify this function.

2. Look at the classification of laser lights

There are currently two types of laser lights on the market, classified from the scanning device.

One is the simple beam scanning laser light. This type of laser light uses a low-speed stepping motor to scan, and its effect is only some simple and repetitive beam effects. The other type is the galvanometer scanning laser light, usually this type of laser light can put text and animation. The galvanometer scanning laser light can be divided into low-speed text animation laser light of about 10Kpps and ILDA standard laser light>30Kpps high-speed medium-to-high gear text animation laser light.

Low-speed galvanometer scanning laser lights are usually unable to project complex and high-quality text or animation, nor can they produce "multiple pattern special effects" effects. Maocheng adopts>The medium-to-high-end text animation laser light developed by the 30Kpps high-speed galvanometer can not only project high-quality text and animation, but also can project "multi-pattern special effects" effects.

3. Look at the actual effect of voice control

Many laser lights now have a "voice control" function. This "voice control" is actually a very simple volume-triggered laser playback function, and the effect is simple and monotonous.

And "laser music synchronous synthesis and playback" is to synchronously synthesize the laser effect data and the relevant rhythm data of the music and then play them together. In this way, with the cooperation of the background music, the laser is played synchronously with the rhythm of the music in an orderly manner. The effect is usually The "voice control" effect is incomparable.

4. Look at the artistic effect of text animation

At present, many so-called text animation laser lights on the market do not have the "broken pen" effect, and the artistic sense of text animation is very poor. The so-called "broken pen" means that when placing characters, there should be no laser connection between the strokes of the same character, or between two characters.

Generally, low-end laser lights have no "broken pen" effect, and the text or animation they project has a great degree of distortion.


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