The difference between hair mask and conditioner_Do you use hair mask or conditioner?


Hair conditioner and hair mask are the most commonly used hair care products in daily life. Many people want to know whether to use hair mask or conditioner. In fact, the difference between hair conditioner and hair mask is like the difference between facial cleanser and facial mask. The difference is that the conditioner can be used every day, and the hair mask does not need to be used so frequently. So how to use hair mask? What is the difference between them? Let's take a closer look together!

The Difference Between Hair Mask and Conditioner: Do You Use Hair Mask or Conditioner? It is a question that many people will have doubts. There are both hair conditioners and hair masks. Many people will have doubts when choosing whether to use a hair mask or a conditioner. This question depends on your specific hair quality. And decided. Conditioner is used every time you wash your hair. It is used after shampoo. Hair mask is a periodic maintenance, similar to a facial mask.

You don't have to do it every time, but you should do it every 2 weeks. Hair mask first or conditioner first? The correct order of using the hair mask should be after shampooing, not after using the conditioner, because the conditioner will help the hair cuticles opened by the shampoo to close. When the hair scales are closed, the nutrients of the hair mask are naturally blocked outside the hair, and it is difficult to achieve a nourishing effect.

In addition, when applying the hair mask, just apply it to the middle and lower sections of the hair. What are the principles of hair conditioner and hair mask? Hair mask: It is used to make an inverted film for the hair. The function of the inverted film is to remove impurities and residual chemicals in the hair follicles and cortex, and repair hair damage. , At the same time replenish the nutrients lost by the hair to achieve the effect of health and luster. Conditioner: Close hair cuticles, stop oxidation reaction, remove chemical odor, and restore PH value to 4.5-5.5.

Resistant to UV rays and static electricity.

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