Difference between hair mask and conditioner


Hair is stripped of oil after washing, and the hair cuticles are opened, which makes the hair appear frizzy. As a common hairdressing product, hair conditioner ingredients can make up for the natural loss of hair oil, keep hair soft and reduce static electricity, and prevent wet hair from tangling, making hair soft, elastic and full of luster after drying. What's the difference between a hair mask and a conditioner?

1. Appearance There are two types of hair conditioners: transparent type and emulsion type, and the emulsion type is more common.

The hair mask is a paste substance that moisturizes and nourishes the hair, which is equivalent to a night cream or mask in our skin care. 2. Frequency Hair mask can achieve deep care. It is recommended to do it once a week at most, and at least once every half a month. Conditioner is generally used in conjunction with shampoo, and can be used after shampooing, no more than 5 times a week, depending on the type of hair.

3. How to use Conditioner After shampooing, dry it with a dry towel and apply an appropriate amount on the hair root to the end of the hair three to five centimeters, and massage the scalp to promote absorption, then wrap the hair with a hot towel or shower cap, 5 Wash off after minutes. After shampooing, use a towel to absorb the moisture, apply an appropriate amount to every part of the hair, wrap it in a hot towel and a shower cap and stay for 15-20 minutes, the effect is better with an electric heating cap, and then rinse with warm water. 4. Effect Conditioner can close hair cuticles, terminate oxidation reaction, remove chemical odor, make hair soft and anti-static, but it cannot fundamentally achieve the nursing effect.

The hair mask deeply nourishes and strengthens the hair, removes impurities and residual chemical substances in the hair follicles and cortex, repairs hair damage, and at the same time replenishes the lost nutrients of the hair, so that the hair returns to healthy luster. 5. Cycle The hair conditioner works on the epidermis of the hair, which is often called the cuticle, and the effect generally lasts for 1 to 3 days. The hair mask penetrates deep into the medulla layer of the hair, giving a certain amount of nutrients and water supplements, and the effect is generally 8-15 days.

The conditioner is used after daily shampooing. Rinse the hair after shampooing. Take an appropriate amount of conditioner, rub the hair for a while, and then rinse with water. It can be used every day. The hair mask is used for hair repair. The hair mask can deeply nourish the hair, and its nutrients will penetrate into the hair core, making the hair strong and smooth. It is precisely because of the strong nourishing power of the hair mask, so it is not necessary to use it every day, and it is ok to use it about once a week.

However, you can also adjust the use cycle according to the condition of your hair. If your hair is severely damaged, you can use the hair mask 2-3 times a week. Friends can choose the correct hair care products according to their actual situation.

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