The difference between moving head lights and par lights in stage lighting equipment


On the stage, the combination of various configurations can create a perfect performance, stage lighting equipment, music, plot, etc., all of which need mutual cooperation and harmony to give the audience a different visual enjoyment, and the stage lighting The equipment is especially important, it is the powerful driving force of the shock.

There are many different types of stage equipment in the stage lighting equipment, including computer moving head lights, LED moving head lights, high-power LEDs, laser lights and other lighting accessories. Among these lighting accessories, what is the difference between moving head lights and par lights? Par lights generally refer to P64 stage lights, which are generally fixed. The lamp head of stage lighting equipment can be equipped with color paper or a color changer.

Moving head lights generally refer to computer moving head lights, which can set a variety of patterns and can change continuously with the rhythm of music. The price is more than ten times that of P64, even dozens of times, hundreds of times.

As the most widely used stage lighting equipment, computer moving head lights are used in many fields. Whether it is TV programs, stage performances, exhibitions, etc., you can see a large number of lighting accessories such as computer moving head lights.

Computer moving head light is a high-tech product integrating electronics, machinery and optics. Qualified computer moving head lights must be stable and reliable, with excellent light efficiency, accurate positioning, and good heat dissipation. and other factors.

Both the moving head light and the par light are set up to highlight different functions, and play different charms in different stages and situations to increase the effect of the stage.


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