Key Points of Disco Stage Lighting Design


In the disco lighting design, we should first pay attention to the following points:

First: To understand the operating steering wheel of the disco, that is, the purpose of the lighting design of the disco, and at the same time consider the investment situation

Second: Pay attention to the size of the dance floor in the disco, especially when designing, consider the size of the dance floor, the height of the stage lighting space, and the relevant requirements of the overall art design and decoration design. These are very important factors for lighting design.

Third: Understand the power distribution and supply of the site and the supply situation in the store

To put it simply, in the lighting design of the disco, we need to consider the above points of content knowledge that we have listed for you. Only by considering these factors can the lighting design of the entire place be more perfect.

In the lighting design of the whole disco, the lighting design of the dance floor can make people feel the colorful and charming charm of light and stage lighting colors, especially the lighting that matches the music, singing, melody, and rhythm changes is more fascinating. intoxicating.

The lighting design of this area should be focused on.

Considering that the layout of directional lamps in the lighting design of these disco dance floors should be patchwork, the direction of projection is all-round, and combined with the control system can produce a clear and strong sense of rhythm. More consideration can be given to mechanized lamps and lanterns, but attention should be paid to the combination of speed and slowness in the configuration, there must be fast and slow, and the colors must be colorful.

In particular, mechanical lamps with sound control function, which can express a thrilling sense of rhythm, and powerful strobe lights with adjustable frequency are the preferred varieties. It should be noted that when choosing lamps and lanterns, the stage lighting must ensure a large number of lamps. As long as the economy permits, there will not be too many lights in the dance hall.


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