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The lamp body is designed with aluminum alloy and high-temperature-resistant engineering plastics, which has good heat dissipation effect; fine workmanship, high brightness, stable running speed and positioning, and will not freeze; 17 fixed patterns, with pattern rotation function; widely used in multi-functional halls , studios, dance halls and other stage performance venues. If we have a dance hall with a width of 8 meters (24 sighs) at the front of the stage, we can start from the front edge and divide the stage into three areas. 1. Using advanced projector principle lens group optics, the light output angle is: 0-4 degrees.

The mechanical system has a wide range, including materials, structures, mechanical properties, shell requirements, heat dissipation requirements, etc., which can make the lamp body avoid deformation, wear and corrosion as much as possible during continuous operation. The most important thing about the beam light is the beam of light. A bright beam of light is the pursuit of the beam light; the moving head light focuses on the final result of the beam of light, namely the spot and pattern. The purposes of the two lamps are different, so the application occasions have changed significantly.

And the moving head light of the discharge bulb will not have this feeling. The electrical characteristics refer to the fact that the starting voltage of the rare gas discharge bulb is very high, and it is required to use transformers, starting devices, semi-resonant circuits, etc. to increase the instantaneous starting voltage. For convenience, we label these regions with words.

Moving head lights can be used within 12 meters, and beams and patterns can appear, forming a good atmosphere, and it will not make the guests feel uncomfortable and bring them discomfort. 230 moving head beam light is a perfect combination of excellent humanization and industrial design, the shape is not only beautiful, smooth, compact, but also stable in performance. Therefore, beam lights are more often used in explosive scenes, such as opening shows and close-ups during singing and dancing, with strobes to create a passionate visual impact.

There are two prisms inside. The 230W moving head pattern light uses a 230W 7R light bulb as the light source. With the original lighting board and switching power supply, the effect is comparable to that of a 1200W computer moving head light. In the production workshop of Lishi, I really felt that when the beam light is irradiated at close range, it is easy to feel dizzy because the light is too bright.

Moreover, the housing of the lamp must have strict waterproof, dustproof, antistatic, and moisture-proof requirements. The optical system design mainly considers the luminous flux utilization rate of the light source. It is characterized by compactness, high brightness, high color temperature, good color rendering and the fact that the light source can maintain a relatively stable color temperature during the dimming process. On the downside, the filler will have a shadow effect in the imaging of the arc. First of all, we must divide the stage into several areas according to the effective lighting range of a 200-watt beam moving head light beam, but this area should not be too large so as to be able to be flexibly controlled.

Therefore, the selection of beam lights and moving head lights should also be selected according to the actual distance and effect of use. In the case of ensuring the effect, it perfectly solves many headaches such as high energy consumption, large volume, and heavy weight. If each performance area is 5 meters (16 sighs) deep, it is equal to the depth of the two areas.

With rotating glass gobo wheel, gobo wheel with self-rotation, plug-in gobo, you can make your own logo, a single gobo can rotate the light beam moving head light in the performance area. On the ringworm who was clothed. The recommended usage distance of the beam light is 12 meters away, while the usage range of the pattern light is 5 meters. There are 17 patterns, shaking and flowing water effects, 14 colors + white light, half-step color adjustable, rainbow effect, to create different stage effects for you.

The application of beam light and moving head light: The beam light is a gas cup bulb lamp, and the pattern light is a discharge bulb. We can also choose a modulus of about 2 to 3.5 meters (6 to 10sigh). Then we light the space around him, that is, ask the actor and his co-stars to perform the stage space lighting.

In order to meet the needs of the general market, the 230w beam light produced by our company has imported optical system, hard core, twenty-four prism, strong heat dissipation system, and is made of high-quality materials. It is beautiful, durable and stylish, and the light is dazzling. The metal halide lamp used in the beam lamp has a small beam angle and higher light efficiency utilization, so even if the power is not very high, a very bright beam of light can be obtained. The moving head light is more about the art of displaying softness and intellectuality. It can be savored in the soft and slow dance. Through the matching of different colors and patterns, it can form soft and gorgeous scenes and create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

That is: there are both triangular prisms and octagonal prisms. Because the moving head light irradiates cone-shaped light, the paving area is much larger than that of the beam light. The light bulb uses OSRAM bulb 7R and its corresponding electronic ballast, switch film, and lighter. Conversely, in a very high studio, the wide beam angle of the moving head light makes the light beam very dark, and the lighting effect cannot be achieved. In this case, the beam light should be used.

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