What is the difference between hair conditioner and hair cream_What is the difference between hair conditioner and hair cream


Conditioner and hair cream are the most commonly used hair care products on the market. Although they are used in similar ways, they are fundamentally different. Therefore, when choosing hair care products, many friends do not know what kind of hair care products are suitable for them. I feel very helpless about shampooing products. Today, Yogi will introduce the difference between hair cream and conditioner in detail. I hope it will be helpful to everyone when purchasing!

The difference between hair conditioner and baking ointment: 1. The formula structure is different. The hair conditioner only contains cationic antistatic agent and fatty alcohol oil, which has a simple structure; Hair care ingredients such as polymer silicone oil, cationic softener, and moisturizer that damage hair scales have much more complicated formulas and higher costs. 2. Different effects The conditioner only plays the role of antistatic and reducing the friction of the hair, making the hair sticky and not fluffy and easy to comb; while the baking ointment not only has the effect of antistatic and reducing friction, but also repairs the damaged hair The surface of the hair cuticle increases the luster of the hair, improves the hair quality, and makes the hair feel lubricated, soft and easy to comb. 3. Different methods of use. Conditioner is generally used with shampoo. Apply it on the hair after shampooing, and rinse it after staying at room temperature for a few minutes; while baking oil is applied on the hair after shampooing, and heated with a baking oil machine for 30 minutes. minutes, then rinse and blow dry.

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