What does the conditioner do and what to pay attention to when using it


When we wash our hair, many of our friends use conditioner. However, there are also some people who are lazy and don't use it at all, thinking that it is almost the same whether they use conditioner or not. In fact, there are still many benefits of using conditioner. Do you know its specific function? Let's introduce it in detail and hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Hair conditioner has the effect of moisturizing and smoothing. Moisturizing and smoothing are the main functions of hair conditioner. We know that there is a layer called scales on the surface of our hair. The tighter the arrangement, the smoother the hair. However, in the process of washing our hair, the cuticles of the hair are opened, and the oil on the hair is also washed off at this time. Naturally, the moisturizing ability of the hair will decrease and dryness will appear. At this time, the use of conditioner is to fill the gaps in the hair scales, so that the hair appears smooth. Among them, the silicone oil contained in the conditioner also has a moisturizing effect.

Therefore, if you have dry hair or abnormally dry hair, I suggest that these friends can use conditioner to improve hair, and don't think that conditioner has no effect. 2. Hair conditioner can prevent hair color from fading. Many friends may not know this. If you have just permed and dyed your hair and want to set the effect, you will use a hair dryer. If things go on like this, it will inevitably lead to serious hair color fading. If you apply conditioner on your hair at this time, the hair color will last longer.

3. The hair conditioner plays the role of eliminating static electricity. There will be static electricity all year round, especially in the abnormally dry winter, it will be more prone to static electricity. Once static electricity is generated, the hair is easy to fluff up, which has become a troublesome thing for many people. If you use hair conditioner, it will have a good effect of eliminating static electricity, and it will also make the hair smoother.

In addition to the above points, conditioner also has the effect of promoting hair health and reducing dandruff. If your hair quality problem is serious, you will definitely see obvious results if you insist on using the conditioner for a long time, and the purpose of improving hair quality will be achieved. One thing to pay attention to is: after using the conditioner, you must clean your hair in time to avoid residual conditioner on the scalp, which will cause certain damage to the health of the scalp.

Hair conditioner seems to have many effects, but it must be used correctly to have better results. Let’s introduce the precautions for using hair conditioner in detail, hoping to attract more friends’ attention. 1. It is advisable to leave the conditioner on the hair for 3 minutes. Some friends think that it is better to leave the conditioner on the hair for a longer time. In fact, this is completely wrong. Because within a certain period of time, the conditioner will nourish the hair. Once the time is too long, it will no longer moisturize the hair but will cause more serious dryness and split ends.

2. Do not apply conditioner on the hair roots. When using hair conditioner, it is advisable to apply the conditioner on the tail of the hair, and never apply it on the hair roots. Conditioner can cause excessive oil secretion in the scalp, which can lead to blockage of hair follicles in severe cases. In the process of washing, be sure to wash the scalp thoroughly to prevent the hair essence from staying on the scalp.

3. Regularly change the brand of hair conditioner. It is a reason to change the conditioner such as changing the shampoo. We know that if we have been using a brand of conditioner, our hair will form a kind of hair conditioner.“immunity”, the effect will be relatively poor. Therefore, we recommend changing brands regularly, so that the conditioner will have obvious differences in ingredients and formula, and the effect will also be different.

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