When choosing a shampoo, you must first understand the characteristics of your hair quality


The emergence of shampoo has solved the problem of people's hair care. Shampoo can not only nourish hair roots, smooth hair, but also remove dandruff, and even have the functions of oiling and dyeing hair. It is precisely because of these excellent cleaning and maintenance functions , making shampoo an essential part of our lives like daily necessities.

The basic function of shampoo is cleansing, and it can't do anything about pathological dandruff, hair loss and other problems. Many "functions" are just gimmicks for marketing. The shampoos currently bought, if the pursuit of smooth hair, can easily make the hair greasy, dirty, and sagging.

Want to pursue refreshing hair, but it is easy to make hair rough, dry, flyaway, and poor repair performance. The two are inherently contradictory and difficult to achieve simultaneously. When choosing a shampoo, you must first understand the characteristics of your hair quality, whether it is oily, normal or dry hair, and then choose the appropriate shampoo; secondly, you must choose a brand that suits you, as different brands of shampoo formulas will vary.

Different, many shampoos currently do not indicate specific ingredients, and individual labeled ingredients may not exist. Hair is like a body, a strong body is not necessarily healthy, and the possibility of being strong but dry is not ruled out, but a healthy body is basically stronger. Excluding the factors of race and genetics, strong hair is generally thicker, with sufficient nutrition supply and strong adaptability to shampoo, while thin hair with weak hair is relatively fragile and weaker in adaptability to shampoo , this group of people should be relatively strict in the selection of shampoo.

Many people have the experience that if you carefully observe the hair that falls out, it will become very thin due to lack of nutrition and then fall off.

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