How to reduce color loss in yogi plant dyeing


How to reduce color fading with Yogi dyed hair

Method 1: Choose weak acid shampoo to wash your hair

It is acidic, so if we choose an alkaline shampoo, it will easily cause acid-base conflicts, which will aggravate the color loss. For hair dyeing, it is recommended to choose weakly acidic shampoos. We recommend weakly acidic, nourishing plant shampoos, which provide rich nutrition and make hair smooth and shiny for a long time. Effect.

Method 2: Avoid shampooing for too long

Because the hair is swollen when soaked in water, the cuticle is easy to open, and the pigment molecules will be lost with the moisture of the hair, so it is not suitable to shampoo for too long.

Method 3: After finishing the plant hair dyeing, rinse off the remaining powder of the cuticle

The growth of Yogi hair requires a clean environment. If it is not cleaned, it will affect the luster and suppleness of the hair, and even the scalp will become wet and itchy. The powder is a finely ground fine powder, so be sure to wash your hair after dyeing your hair.

Method 4: Avoid washing hair with overheated water

Washing your hair with too hot water will instantly stimulate the opening of the cuticles, accelerate the loss of plant pigment particles, affect the hair color and damage the scalp, making the hair fragile and easy to break. It is recommended that you wash your hair with warm water at about 38 degrees suitable.


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