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"Static electricity will not only make the hair lose its beauty-modifying effect, but the dust and mites adsorbed on the hair will also affect the cleanliness of the facial skin by sticking to the face." The reason why hair generates static electricity in winter is due to dry hair , which is mainly related to dry weather, friction between clothes and hair, and improper shampooing and hair care methods. I believe that many people have experienced the feeling of looking like a hedgehog after the static electricity in the hair in winter.

Why is the hair prone to static electricity in winter? For the situation that it crackles in winter or the hair is as dry as dry grass, you really can't "indulge" your laziness anymore, it's time to take care of your "weightless" hair~ Follow the editor step by step, and you don't need to fry your hair in autumn and winter. Don't forget to apply essential oils even if you don't drink water Maybe you think what I said is too radical, but for the hair in this special season, applying essential oil when going out is not only equivalent to adding a layer of protection to the hair, but also moisturizing the hair in time, allowing the hair to "drink" the nutrients and become sticky. It is so smooth that it makes you look like an advertising model! Fried hair day, combing hair also has a smooth secret! When the air humidity drops below 25%, please use anti-static combs such as boxwood, horn or mane.

Before combing the hair, apply leave-in conditioner on the hair shaft and ends, or dilute the hair conditioner with water, put it in a sprayer, and spray the entire hair before combing, let the hair be slightly moisturized before combing, which can effectively avoid static electricity Produced, making hair more moist and supple. Natural dry hair? Blow dry your hair on medium heat! The longer the moisture stays on the hair and scalp, the easier it is for the hair to dry and stick to dust. The latter is the culprit of exacerbating static friction! Since high-temperature blowing can also induce static electricity, it is necessary to choose a ceramic constant temperature hair dryer that can emit negative ions, press the diffuser cover, and blow the hair to 70% dry at medium temperature.

Maintaining a certain amount of moisture at the end is the key to smooth and moisturized hair. hand cream instead of pomade In winter, hair stylists use hand cream instead of professional pomade when doing hairstyles. This is because hand cream can make hair that is rough due to static electricity become obedient and smooth.

It is recommended to carry hand cream with you. In addition to caring for your hands, it can also be used as a first aid to wipe dry hair, moisturize and eliminate static electricity. Waking up too scary? Please use a silk pillowcase instead Worried about having a growling girl haircut every morning? It is necessary to change the silk pillowcase and silk pillow core! Silk pillows are smooth and cool, and contain 18 kinds of amino acids essential to the human body, among which serine can nourish the skin and increase the vitality of the face and scalp cells.

It can not only beautify and prevent wrinkles, but also reduce the friction between the hair and the pillow. Make the head of the bed no longer so dry and stubborn. A few strands of hair are disobedient? Dryer paper to help you iron it If you are used to drying clothes with a clothes dryer, you must have bought soft paper that separates blended clothes one by one.

This natural mulberry paper is added with soft and static-repelling ingredients, so please take two with you. Static electricity causes a few small strands of hair to curl up strangely. You can cover a piece of soft paper on the messy place and press it with your palm for 10 seconds.

You will find that the disobedient hair will immediately become docile after removing the soft paper. keep the air humid If the indoor humidity is lower than 30%, it indicates that the air is dry and prone to friction to generate static electricity. When the humidity reaches about 45%, static electricity rarely occurs.

You can grow hydroponic plants at home, you can also put a few pots of water or use an air humidifier to increase the indoor air humidity. Want a non-flaking scalp without itching? When I go to work, I always scratch my hair non-stop. When I see a lot of dandruff falling on my shoulders, I lose my mood for work and my image is compromised.

In fact, there are only two ways to resist sensitive hair. The first is to switch to a mild and soothing scalp shampoo to protect the scalp from damage. You can also get a surprise from it! Their mild yet powerful cleansing and moisturizing power makes dandruff no longer a shelter, making your hair smooth and smooth.

The second way is to massage the hair uninterruptedly, massage the scalp with the fingertips for 15-20 minutes, so that the scalp can be revived in the soothing and restore health and vitality. Double the care of five hair care points in winter 1. Reduce the frequency of shampooing In winter, you can reduce the frequency of shampooing, two to three times a week.

Make sure your hair is dry before leaving the house. Not only to protect against the cold, wet hair is the weakest and therefore more susceptible to damage from cold winds. 2.

Trim the tail regularly Getting your hair trimmed regularly is the best way to keep your hair healthy. Every 6 to 8 weeks, go to the barber shop or trim the ends of the hair with scissors, so that the nutrition of the scalp can evenly take into account every inch of hair. 3.

Add a humidifier We spend a third of our time at home, so it's a good idea to invest in a humidifier. The heating in the room makes the air dry and the hair can become more frizzy. Humidifiers are not only beneficial to the health of the hair, but also to moisturize the skin, it is really indispensable! 4.

Prevent static friction In winter, everyone wears a hat when going out to protect themselves from wind, rain and snow. However, some hats can leave lint, and the coarse wool can rub against the hair. The solution to this problem is as simple as wrapping your hair in a silk scarf and then wearing a cotton wool hat will protect your hair from fraying while reducing static friction.

Another way to combat static is to spray your hair with a protective spray (such as Sassoon Heat Protection Shine Spray) before styling. 5. Deep care During the winter months, when the air outside and indoors is dry, make time to give your hair a deep moisturizing treatment once a week.

You can use a hair mask at home: After washing your hair, apply a hair mask and leave it on for 15 minutes before rinsing. You can also use the Sassoon one-minute moisture-locking hair mask, which is faster and more convenient. Another treatment method is to use hair oil.

After washing the hair, apply the same essential oil as the golden liquid, which can fully moisturize the frizzy hair and repair the damaged part of the hair by the hair dryer.

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