Custom conditioner and shampoo wholesale suppliers Manufacturer | YOGI Cosmetics

Custom conditioner and shampoo wholesale suppliers Manufacturer | YOGI Cosmetics

Colormate Shampoo:

The purple formula can remove the brassy tone of blond hair which often appears several washes after the color treatment. and brighten blond hair. it contains abundant of conditioning ingredients which strengthen fragile hair. adds moisture and boosts shine. leaving hair vivid and vibrant.

The unique color-correcting formula preserves cool platinumblondes and silver foxes by keeping nasty brassy tones at

bay while safeguarding hair's vibrancy. And there's more:Powerful ingredients provide a shield against damage, and

strengthen hair's natural defenses. No shrinking violets here.

Perfect choice for: Blondes (especially platinum)

and gray/silver hair.

Hot to Use: Massage into wet hair and allow theshampoo to absorb for three-to-five minutes, thenrinse. Repeat the process two or three times perweek, alternating with your regular shampoo.

The inside secret: It's a two-pronged approach: OurMulti-Spectrum Defense Complex protects colorfrom fading and losing vibrancy: exclusive Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex repairs, protects, fightsfrizz, and adds shine with every single application.

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After years of solid and rapid development, YOGI Cosmetics has grown into one of the most professional and influential enterprises in China. conditioner and shampoo We have professional employees who have years of experience in the industry. It is them that provides high-quality services for customers all over the world. If you have any questions about our new product conditioner and shampoo or want to know more about our company, feel free to contact us. Our professionals would love to help you at any time.Guangzhou Yogi Enterprise Co., Ltd. has a large showroom and a quality testing laboratory.

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