How to care for hair and hair in life? Want to raise hair, just remember 1 point!


With the aggravation of the sub-health of the head, people's hair quality problems are becoming more and more serious. Bad hair not only affects mood, but also affects people's aesthetics, preventing the pursuit of beauty. Is there any useful little coup to get rid of the extremely troublesome hair? How should we maintain and care for our hair in our lives?

If you want to maintain your hair well in your life, you only need to maintain your scalp well. This is a simple and direct method of hair care and hair care manufacturers.

Because the relationship between scalp and hair is like the relationship between soil and vegetation. The better the soil, the better the vegetation will grow, and the same goes for your hair, the healthier your scalp, the better your hair will grow.

Therefore, if you want to have black and beautiful hair, scalp maintenance is indispensable! Friends can choose a pure Chinese herbal head therapy and health center like Toutao Decoction, which uses more than 60 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine specially boiled soup, combined with professional Chinese medicine techniques, massages and heats the head, and the effect of the medicine is directly absorbed by the scalp. Improve the sub-health of the head and make the scalp healthier!

Of course, if you can’t do hair treatment often, you can also remember the following 3 tips, which are also conducive to hair care in life.

1. Less perm and hair dyeing

As we all know, hair dyeing and perming will cause certain damage to hair, so if you want to have good hair, try to perm and dye as little as possible, and toss your hair less, so as to give your hair better cultivation conditions. And now many people have the habit of using hair dryers. Overheated hair dryers can also cause damage to hair, so don't use too hot wind when using a hair dryer.

2. Use conditioner or olive oil frequently

For those who have relatively dry hair, you can apply some conditioner when you wash your hair, but be careful not to apply it on the scalp, just apply it on the ends of dry hair and rinse it off; You can also apply some olive oil on the comb when you comb your hair at ordinary times, which can make your hair moist.

3. Sunscreen for hair

Toudaotang Health Center said: hair is the same as the skin, the sun will cause damage to it, ultraviolet radiation will absorb the water on the surface of the hair, making the hair lose its elasticity and luster. So it is best to wear a hat to protect your hair when you go out in the hot sun.

Of course, there is one more important point! That is, the scalp can be massaged frequently. Because regular scalp massage can promote the relaxation of head muscles, promote blood circulation, and accelerate the healthy growth of hair. In daily life, you can also use more grains such as walnuts and black sesame seeds, which are also good for black hair and hair growth.


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