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Hair care is an important step in hair care. Let me introduce how to care for hair and a few tips for hair care and hair care. 1. Avoid overheating of bath water Hot water can effectively remove dirt and greasy, so many people like to use hot water to shampoo. However, it should be noted that if you wash your hair with overheated water, it will not only burn the scalp, but also wash off the sebum that moisturizes the hair, making the scalp and hair dry, and the main components of the hair will also be damaged.

If you have dyed hair, hot water will also cause the color to fade quickly. The best way is to wash the hair thoroughly with warm water first, and then rinse the hair with cooler water, which can make the hair shinier and more docile. 2. Frequently change the position of the hair parting. If the direction of combing hair remains unchanged, the part where the hair parting is often exposed to sunlight will be particularly dry or thin.

If the separated area begins to thin, you should massage it after applying hair cream or oil to moisturize the dry scalp. Sometimes it is advisable to change the direction of separation, not only to enjoy the fun of changing hairstyles, but also to avoid dryness of the separation and reduce hair loss. 3. Maintain a good mood Excessive pressure may also be one of the reasons why you have lost too much hair recently.

The deeper the depression, the faster the hair loss. You should take deep breaths, take a walk, do relaxation gymnastics, etc. frequently to eliminate mental fatigue. In addition, adequate sleep should be ensured. Soaking feet with hot water before going to bed not only helps to fall asleep, but also helps the healthy growth of hair.

4. Choose the shampoo that suits you. Amino acid shampoo has the characteristics of mildness, environmental protection and health. The ph value of the amino acid surfactant is slightly acidic, ph7-9 is mild and non-irritating, and the foam is rich while reducing the irritation to the scalp.

Nourishes hair strands to make hair soft and silky. :.

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