How can we clean hair stains?


1. Wipe the hair dye on the clothes with soot. If the clothes are accidentally stained with hair dye, or when the hair dye is processed, you can wipe it with a wet towel and soot, the effect is better, or put a few drops of water in the soot, and dip your hands on the place where the hair dye is stained. The method is very simple and will not hurt your hands.

It can also be washed with dilute alkaline water. If it is stubborn, ammonia water can also be used, and the effect is remarkable. 2. Wipe with cold iron.

For hair dye that has just been applied to clothing, this is the most straightforward method, very easy, and not useful for time stains. If the skin is stained with hair dye, you can wipe it with cold perm essence, and the color will fade after a few wipes. Or apply cold iron to stains, rub in and wash with soap.

But this method is very harmful to the skin. If you don't want to use it, use another method. 3. Wash with rice vinegar.

If the clothes or skin are contaminated with hair dye, the easiest and skin-friendly method is to apply rice vinegar on the hair dye-contaminated clothes or the skin accidentally contaminated with hair dye, leave it for 10 minutes, and then wash with water. This method is simple and effective, but it is not suitable for treating clothes that have been polluted for a long time and should be treated as soon as possible. Tips: 1. Wear something you don't like or black when dyeing your hair.

If you accidentally stain it, don't bother to wash it. 2. If the clothes are really dyed with hair dye, then look at the dyed pattern. Dye your hair with the leftover hair dye, then dye it on your clothes, dye a pattern you like, dye a new dress, and make them envious! How to clean hair dye from hands? 1. Color cleanser or cleansing oil.

Be careful to keep the application area dry before applying cleansing oil. Apply an appropriate amount of cleansing oil to the required area, and use the belly of your fingers to dissolve the hair dye. Then dip a small amount of water with your fingers, emulsify the cleansing oil to whiten, and then gently massage for about 1 minute.

Finally, rinse with plenty of water. This time I know how to wash the hair dye to wash it off. Remind everyone, before using hair dye in the future, apply Vaseline oil on the arms, it is easy to wash off.

Second, be careful when choosing a hair dye. If we choose natural plant hair dyes, then you don't have to worry, just use the normal washing method. Then, if it is other chemical hair dyes, it must be dealt with in time, otherwise no matter how good the method is, it will only fail to achieve good results because of missed opportunities.

Other tips for removing hair dye: 1. If you get it on the spot, wash it with plenty of water immediately. If it has been dyed on the skin, the most effective way is to wipe it slowly with ammonia water or cold perm solution, and it will be washed off quickly. 2. Soak in hot water for 5 minutes, then soak in soapy water with a soap pinch.

Repeat a few times and it should get lighter. 3. You can use a wet towel dipped in soot to wipe the clothes or skin with hair dye, which is a traditional aspect commonly used in the future, but it is also very effective. 4. If conditions permit, you can use gasoline. If the dye is an organic dye, it is easy to be washed off by organic solvents, or use nail polish remover (use with caution).

5. Edible rice vinegar can be applied to clothes with hair dye, and then washed with soap, which can also achieve the effect of washing hair dye. How to use hair dye correctly? 1. Do a skin test. 48 hours before using the hair dye, drop the two hair dyes A and B on the same point in the wrist, and then wait for the hair dye to dry naturally.

If swelling and itching occur during the waiting period, this product is not suitable for use. 2. Mix the ointment. Take out the two bottles of medicine in the box, then squeeze an appropriate amount of ointment into the hair dyeing bowl according to the length of the hair, mix in a ratio of 1:1, then mix evenly, and stir repeatedly.

3. Hair dyeing Put on disposable gloves, start to apply the evenly mixed hair dye to the hair, and dye the hair one by one. Massage the hair properly after application to make the color more even.

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