What are the suggestions for friends who want to dye your own hair and how to choose hair dye


We all know that hair dyeing in barber shops is expensive. Therefore, in recent years, many smart people like to dye their hair at home. Because it saves time and effort, you can do it yourself all the time without waiting for a seat, and the price is much cheaper than that of a barber shop, which is economical and convenient. Although there are many benefits to dyeing hair at home, we are not professional after all, so how to take care of hair at home? So be sure to do your homework before dyeing your hair.

Learn some common sense of hair dyeing, as well as hair dyeing skills. Do you know which kinds of people are not suitable for hair dyeing? (1) People with allergies. People have different constitutions, one of which is allergy to pollen and hair dyes, because the plant hair dyes in hair dyes cannot fix the color.

It is easy to fade, and phenylenediamine is also an allergic substance, and people with allergies are prone to allergies, so be careful when using hair dyes to dye your hair. (2) Skin scratches or dermatitis and skin diseases. If you have hair dyeing, scalp scratches or skin diseases, the scalp is very fragile at this time and is more sensitive to harmful chemical reactions. We all know that hair dyes have many harmful substances, and excessive absorption will affect people's health, so wait for the wound to heal or small red spots Operate after disappearing.

(3) Damaged hair The well-known principle of perm and bleaching is to open up too much melanin in the hair, so that the perm water and hair dye can be fully absorbed, the perm volume and coloring effect will be better, and the light-colored hair must be removed hydrogen peroxide, stained with other colors, the color would be ideal. Therefore, perming and bleaching are very harmful to hair, which is why perms can lead to dry and short hair even with a good perm solution. It is for this reason that using a good perm will cause relatively little damage to the hair, so if the hair is severely damaged, pay attention to maintaining it for a period of time before dyeing it.

(4) The elderly and children. These two groups have weak resistance and should be as little infected as possible. There are several ways to dye your hair.

With the development of science and technology, the color of hair dye has gradually changed from single black to colorful. (1) Black. Nowadays, middle-aged and elderly people basically use black to cover gray hair, and young people seldom use this color now.

Dyeing black hair can be colored very well without bleaching and dyeing, and the color fastness is strong. As long as it is dyed well, it will basically not fade. In addition, black is related to the age characteristics of middle-aged and elderly people. For example, black is better than other colors. Easier to darken, so take a little more than other colors. Suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with less gray hair. However, for middle-aged and elderly people with more gray hair, if black hair dye is still used, the new gray hair will form a sharp black and white contrast with the dyed black hair, resulting in hair that has been dyed for several days. And long, there is a feeling that it is difficult to look directly at.

So black is not very friendly to friends with too much gray hair. Chestnut brown like white is better. Because the color difference is not very large, the number of times of hair dyeing can also be extended.

In addition, the color is not exaggerated, which is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. (2) Highlighting Highlighting will make the hairstyle more layered and dynamic, and it is a common hair dyeing method for young people. Because the highlighted part is small and the contact area with the scalp is not large, it is a healthy hair color at a healthy level.

Even for middle-aged and elderly people who do not have a lot of white hair, it is more practical. They can be highlighted with gray hair dye. The color of gray and white is very close, so that the white hair is not so obvious. Always like to follow the trend. They want to change the hair color when they are sectioned. While it's beautiful, the damage to hair quality can be seen by the right eye.

Therefore, when choosing colors, the principle is to dye dark colors. Do not dye light colors. An allergy test must be done before dyeing hair, especially for people with allergies.

3. How to choose and buy hair dye cream Whether it is to increase face value or to white hair, hair dye has become an indispensable requirement in everyone's life. So everyone wants to know how to choose a relatively safe hair dye to minimize the harm of hair dye to human health. (1) When buying hair dye, first look at the outer packaging, whether there is an approval number for special-purpose cosmetics, that is to say, choose the product that contains the national quality inspection certification, and prohibit the purchase of those three-no products. Some people may ask What are the three non-products? That is to say, because it contains excessive amounts of toxic substances, in order to evade responsibility, products that do not indicate the manufacturer, production date, and sanitation license on the product are called three-no products.

(2) Try to choose products produced by well-known big companies if possible, and they have been on the market for a long time and have a good reputation in the market. Such products are relatively reliable. (3) Check whether the hair dye packaging has instructions and precautions. Do you need a skin test, otherwise there are more fakes and shoddy products. (4) Learn to observe the logo and composition. Nowadays, because the country has strict controls on hair dyes, the ingredients in the ingredient column are written in great detail.

In the ingredient column, the content of phenylenediamine must be within 6% of the total content. If it exceeds this number, it is a counterfeit product. (5) For the black hair dye cream, try to choose the clear water series, because this hair dye cream does not dye clothes, does not dye the scalp, has a light smell, is easy to clean, and is easy to operate.

The wash foam is white, not other kinds of hair color creams. Even after washing many times, the water is black. (6) Try to choose plant-herbal formulas, such as natural plant hair dyes, and hope that the solid color and phenylenediamine chemical components are inseparable, but compared with other hair dye products, the content of chemical components is low, the scalp is not too irritated, and hair dyes are relatively Safety, at least good news for allergies, can reduce the probability of allergies.

(6) At present, due to the mixed market, it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the product. Therefore, when choosing hair dye cream, try to buy it in regular shopping malls or official flagship stores, so that the probability of fake products is not high. To sum up, if friends dye their hair at home, they must know some relevant knowledge before dyeing their hair, so that hair dyeing can be safer and more reliable.

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