The difference between foam hair dye and ordinary hair dye?


Foam hair dyes that cover gray hair can’t add a lot of moisturizing ingredients like cream hair dyes. Surfactants are added for foaming, which further reduces the degree of moisture. Foam hair dyes have a lot of trendy colors to choose from, and they are the best choice for hair dyers. A must-have hair coloring artifact, allowing you to easily change your hair color at home. Paste hair dye is a long-lasting hair dye with better color development effect, and the color effect is easy to be uneven due to uneven application; the color lasts for about three months, which is longer than foam hair dye; it is easy to operate at home When using it, it is recommended to ask someone to help, it can be applied more evenly, and it can also prevent the hair dye from contacting the scalp. The gray hair covering function has a better effect of covering gray hair. Conditioning function: You can add a lot of conditioning ingredients. Whether you use hair dye or foam hair dye, you need to read the precautions carefully; it depends on the length of each person's hair. Can.

One to two weeks before dyeing hair, intensive hair care can reduce damage to hair and make hair easier to color. One week before hair dyeing, do not use shampoos that combine care and care, and do not use cuticle repair solutions, or hair conditioners and conditioners; these products will form a protective film on the outside of the hair to prevent the dye from entering. Shampoo with deep cleansing effect. Moreover, try not to wash your hair two days before dyeing, so that the hair secretes oil and forms a natural protective film to protect the hair follicles.

Do a local allergy test 48 hours before dyeing your hair.

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