How to have a healthy hair?


It is said that 80% of boys first notice girls' hair besides breasts. Because a head of flowing and healthy hair can always leave a meaningful impression on people. So for so many years, the attributes of a single Wang have not changed, let alone your appearance is not good, it is the appearance of fried hair that is holding you back.

Yogi will tell you today. How to have a head of healthy hair? Step 1: Know your scalp and hair type. Everyone's skin and hair are different, men and women are different, secretion levels are different, and hair quality is also different. First, in terms of gender.

Men: The scalp is thicker than women's, the oil secretion is more vigorous, and the anti-allergic ability is stronger. Men's hair is generally short and healthy, so they have higher requirements for cleaning power and can withstand certain irritating ingredients. Women: Thin scalp, sensitive to irritating ingredients, relatively balanced oil secretion, pursuing smooth and shiny hair.

Secondly, from the perspective of oil secretion level, it is divided into the following three types: wash oil in the morning and afternoon, and severely oily scalp. Can last till the next day, moderately oily scalp. Can persist until the third day, mild oily - normal scalp.

Finally, in terms of hair quality, it is generally divided into fine and soft hair, thick and hard hair, damaged hair, natural big waves, small waves and lion heads. Step 2: Understand the appeal and clarify the goal After knowing your hair quality, don't rush to see what products are available in the market. First of all, you need to understand where your demands are? What exactly do you want? Is it the volume of hair, or the effect of moisturizing and smoothing? For example, people with oily scalp and dry hair must hope that the scalp will not be oily and keep it fresh... For people with thick and hard hair, they must hope that the hair will be soft, smooth, shiny and not so fluffy... Three steps: Solution People with different hair quality have different solutions.

Thin and soft hair: If you want to have a light and full hairstyle, you should not choose a moisturizing shampoo, but a refreshing and oil-controlling shampoo is more suitable. It is recommended to use amino acid shampoo + conditioner without silicone oil. Amino acid has a moisturizing effect and can help balance water and oil. Care should also be taken to avoid applying conditioner on the scalp. Do not choose conditioning shampoos containing silicone oil, as it will become more oily with washing! Coarse and hard hair: You can choose a shampoo with a certain conditioning function to make the hair more supple and shiny.

Damaged hair: Due to hair damage caused by pulling, dyeing, ironing, etc., it is recommended to use shampoo with repairing and moisturizing effects.

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