4 Tips for a Hydrating Wash Day Routine


When your hair is super dry in the winter, it can be easy to want to slather on creams, serums, and oils day after day. However, this can actually lead to product buildup which can dry out the strands in the long run. Instead of overdoing it with moisturizing styling products, you need to get the most out of your washing routine to ensure your hair is soaked and retains what it needs most – water.

1. Make sure the water in the shower is not too hot "Hot water strips your hair of its natural oils, so if you wash your hair in hot water during the winter, it dries out your hair even more," 2. Regularly use a moisturizing shampoo instead of a co-wash or cleansing conditioner Your cleansing step needs to adequately wash away debris, oil, dirt and product without over stripping hair.

While shampoos and cleansing conditioners are great to use in between washes when your hair needs rejuvenation, you need to use shampoo to keep your hair clean. 3. Make deep conditioning non-negotiable Your hair absorbs moisturizing ingredients best when it is wet, hence why most if not all masks and treatments need to be used on damp or wet hair.

These deep conditioning treatments penetrate deep into the hair shaft, giving it the nourishment it needs while helping it maintain hydration. 4. Use nourishing leave-in products While treatments are amazing for nourishing strands, a good hold to support and activate strands is a game changer.

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