How to Use the Right Leave-in Conditioner for Your Hair Type


You know that feeling when your haircut cycle is drawing to a close and your hair feels like it's been in the sun on a desert island for months (and not in a good way)? You use conditioner and an overnight mask, but no matter what, you still don't seem to be getting the results you want. That's when knowing how a leave-in conditioner works—specifically, a conditioner that's tailored to your unique style and hair goals. Join us as we explore and explain how using leave-in conditioner can do wonders for your hair, whether it's straight, wavy, curly or curly.

Can all hair types use leave-in conditioner? In a word, yes. But it depends on where you apply it and which one you use. While a leave-in conditioner can provide effective hair moisturizer for any hair type, it's important to understand how to treat it according to your specific hair.

For example, those with thin, oily, or fine hair should be careful around the roots. Since this is where natural oils gather, applying leave-in to the roots of oily hair can make hair look greasy. For thin or fine hair, it creates an unflattering buildup of product that drips on the scalp.

Pooh! If you have one of these hairstyles, focus on applying half a pump to the midsection and ends of your hair. The lightweight formula should give you mild conditioning without weighing down your tresses. If you have thick hair, you don't need to worry about overusing leave-in products.

Since your hair can take a lot of product to tame, especially if you're prone to dryness or frizz, apply leave-in product generously to your entire head. Wondering how to use a leave-in conditioner for your specific hair type? Read on to learn what to do with each strand and get the most out of your haircare routine. How to Use Leave-in Conditioner for Straight Hair Even the ones that are super easy to manage, I wake up with straight hair like this would benefit from a little leave-in.

Knowing how to use a leave-in conditioner for straight hair requires you to evaluate your own hair habits. Do you like to change up your hair texture every once in a while? Well, if you use blow-drying or curling to transform your straight hair, using a leave-in conditioner before heat styling can protect your hair. The leave-in treatment locks in moisture (goodbye, dryness), adds softness, and provides heat protection for healthier-looking hair.

Pro Tip: Keep Your Mane Looking Extra Smooth and Shiny with a Custom Hair Serum How to Use Leave-In Conditioner for Curly and Curly Hair Despite their reputation for beauty and boldness, wavy and curly hair can all fall victim to annoying frizz and dryness if not hydrated. To combat this, combine your leave-in treatment with instant wash technology to style your hair. After shampooing and your regular rinse-off conditioner, apply leave-in to wet hair and rub in.

This will prepare your hair with the moisture it needs throughout the day. Pro Tip: How to Sleep in Curls How to Use Leave-in Conditioner for Curly Hair Of all hair types, curly hair is considered the most voluminous and bouncy. But all the awesome benefits of having curly hair come with dryness and breakage—and that's not fun.

Hence, a leave-in conditioner can boost hydration. Luckily, leave-in treatments can create deep conditioning benefits because they stay on your hair all day. If you've been using a lot of your regular conditioner just to keep your mane from drying out, cut back and switch to a lightweight leave-in conditioner.

Pro Tip: Use the plop method to give your coils a healthy dose of much-needed softness and hydration The Best Leave-in Conditioners for All Hair Types We have to admit: Yogi Care's leave-in treatments are some of the most durable products in our hair care arsenal today. It's the only thing we want when frizz, dryness, and flyaways don't seem to be going away. And to prove it, here are five quick and easy ways to know how to incorporate leave-in conditioner into your daily hair care routine.

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