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Wet your hair thoroughly before using shampoo for the first time: it is better to wash off the dirt and avoid damage to the scalp. The second shampoo is rubbed on the palm of the hand and then applied to the hair: to reduce the burden on the hair and prevent the residue of alkaline substances. The third shampooing time should not be less than 3 to 5 minutes: especially the back of the head is easy to accumulate oil, and it takes more time to clean than other parts.

Fourth, don't just wash your hair, pay attention to cleaning your scalp: sebum accumulation on the scalp is easy to breed bacteria and cause dandruff, and it is also easy to lose hair. The fifth shampoo should be rinsed thoroughly: one wash is definitely not enough, and the hair should be rinsed several times before using the conditioner. Sixth, you can also try head massage at home: Gently massage the scalp with fingertips instead of nails for 3 weeks, which can relax.

Seventh, correctly grasp the function of shampoo: remove hair dirt and sebum, improve the environment for hair growth, and have different effects from conditioner and cannot replace each other. Eighth, do not wash your hair twice a day: Excessive opening of the hair scales will cause hair damage, and it will also wash away the necessary oil. Ninth, take some time to find the shampoo that suits you: It is a bit rash to make a judgment after only one or two uses, and the effect of continuous use is the basis for judgment.

Tenth, use different shampoos with the seasons: the hair condition is different in different seasons, it is impossible to achieve the best hair care effect with the same shampoo all the time. Welcome to inquire about Yogi Care Shampoo price, we are the best choice of shampoo wholesale manufacturer.

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