Why Hair Loves Argan Oil


Of all the moisturizing shampoos on the market, few are as effective and nourishing as Argan Oil Shampoo. Thanks to its restorative and hydrating properties for a tired mane and scalp, this essential oil has become a hair care staple in many hair care routines. Hair feels really dry like it needs a cool hydration? Try washing with argan oil shampoo.

These shampoos cleanse hair of dirt and grime while giving strands some serious TLC. Argan Oil is great for both the hair and scalp as it is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. "It's a multipurpose oil that coats, heals, and moisturizes from skin to scalp and everything in between," he says.

"Argan oil can help moisturize a dry, itchy scalp, nourish root follicles—yes, hair fertilizer!—to prevent heat damage, and help heal and strengthen dry, dull hair." If your scalp is prone to oiliness, Just be sure to only apply it to the ends because when you brush your hair, you pick up some oil with each brushing. " Or, you can go the argan oil shampoo route, which will give your hair even more moisture while cleansing.

If your hair is really dry or rough, Yogi Care recommends keeping a bottle of the pure stuff on hand and adding a few drops to a shampoo he calls "SHOIL Cleanse": "Use your regular shampoo, plus Extra hydration – you get a clean while some of the oil clings to the rough layer of the cuticle. It’s great for wet hair because that’s when it’s most absorbent.” Yogi Care is the best bulk shampoo and conditioner suppliers in China, specialized in argan oil shampoo, argan oil serum for sale.

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