What is the difference between 3%, 6%, 9% and 12% hydrogen peroxide milk?-YOGICARE

When we dye our hair, we will use hydrogen peroxide milk. There are 3%, 6%, 9%, and 12% hydrogen peroxide milk. So what are the differences between these four types of hydrogen peroxide milk? Let me explain it to you today.

The main difference between the different degrees of hydrogen peroxide milk, such as 3 degrees, 6 degrees, 9 degrees and 12 degrees, is the depth of color they can achieve. Here are the specific differences:

3% hydrogen peroxide milk: Contains 3% hydrogen peroxide, which can deepen the hair color, and is more effective for some darker colors.

6% hydrogen peroxide milk: Usually used for normal hair dyeing. When the color difference between the target color and the hair base color is 1 to 2 degrees, use 6% hydrogen peroxide milk.

9% hydrogen peroxide milk: When the color difference exceeds 2 to 3 degrees, 9% hydrogen peroxide milk needs to be used. This means that if you want to dye your hair lighter, or if the color difference between the target color and the base color of your hair is large, you need to use 9% hydrogen peroxide milk.

12% hydrogen peroxide milk: Only when the degree of lightening required exceeds 3 to 4 degrees, 12% hydrogen peroxide milk will be used. This usually means that the hair stylist wants to achieve a lighter effect that is very different from the base color of the hair.

To sum up, the higher the degree of hydrogen peroxide milk, the lighter the color it can achieve, but it may also cause greater damage to the hair. Choosing the appropriate degree of hydrogen peroxide depends on the color difference between the target color and the base color of the hair, as well as the effect the hair colorist wants to achieve.

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