Fruit acid has many effects on hair treatment.

First of all, the acidic components in fruit acid are extracted from plants or fruits. Using fruit acid to care for hair can replenish the nutrients needed in the hair, help repair damaged hair, and make the hair less prone to split ends or split ends,fracture.

Secondly, fruit acid care can improve the hair quality, especially for dry, hard or rough hair.

Fruit acid care can effectively improve the hair, make the hair smoother, shiny, and increase the three-dimensionality of the hair.

In addition, friut acid treatment can help balance the PH of your hair, thereby improving the condition of damaged hair barrier. This is because hair care with fruit acids helps weaken the alkalinity of the hair, thereby balancing the pH to a certain extent.

However, it should be noted that although fruit acid has many benefits for hair care, if it is not done properly or too much fruit acid is used, it may cause certain irritation to the hair, thus affecting the effect of hair care and affecting the health of the hair. Therefore, when performing fruit acid care, it is best to follow the guidance of a professional doctor to ensure safety and effectiveness.

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YOGI U-colagent fruit acid care moisturizing and hydrating hair straightening cream

*Naturally straight hair, no frizz and curls.

*Easy to operate and reduce time.

*Fruit acid care,exclusive formula,lightweight hair care.



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