YOGI Care | OEM shampoo and conditioner brands manufacturer

YOGI Care | OEM shampoo and conditioner brands manufacturer

At , we have built a strong reputation based on years of operating with integrity. Our focus on using only genuine materials and committing to excellence in every step of our production process has resulted in products that are consistently of the highest quality. Before leaving our factory, each item undergoes rigorous inspections to ensure safety and reliability, so our customers can trust the products they receive from us.

·Argan Oil is instantly absorbed into the hair and provides instant shine.

·It easily hydrates hair so it stops roughness and cur lines s to give you smoother, softer hair.

·It also moisturizes dry, itchy scalp and eliminates dandruff.

·As the Argan oil enters the hair shafts, hair elasticity is improved, breakage is prevented and hair growth is stimulated.

·Smooths the cuticle leaving hair silky smooth and ending uncontrollable, unmanageable hair.

·Argan oil has natural antioxidants that make quick work of repairing hair damage at the cellular level so your hair bounces back to health.

·lt has been proven to restore, renew, and repair hair, eliminating split ends and leaving hair frizz free.

·lt protects against damage from chemicals, environmental factors and heat.

·For those with colored hair, Argan oil is highly effective because it counters dryness and damage while boosting color to give you more vibrant hair. Haircolor also lasts longer with Argan oil, helping you save on costs since you don't have to color your hair as often.

·For those who have problems with hair fall or hairloss, Argan oil help strengthen and grow healthy hair.

Products Details

After years of solid and rapid development, YOGI Care has grown into one of the most professional and influential enterprises in China. shampoo and conditioner brands YOGI Care have a group of service professionals who are responsible for answering questions raised by customers through the Internet or phone, tracking the logistics status, and helping customers solve any problem. Whether you'd like to get more info on what, why and how we do, try our new product - OEM shampoo and conditioner brands manufacturer, or would like to partner up, we'd love to hear from you.shampoo and conditioner brands The light and breathable membrane cloth is selected, which is soft and thin, and the application is very comfortable.

Product Introduction

Argan Oil Moisturizing Shampoo


Argan oil has high ingredients of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E, this shampoo can leave your hair clean, strong, and deeply nourished.Contain high quantities of vitamin A, C and E, antioxidants and Omega-6 fatty acids, which helps repair and prevent damages.

Argan Oil Moisturizing Conditioner


Help support the reduction of DHT to prevent hair loss on the surface of the scalp.Vitamin E hydrates and provides adequate nourishment leaving medium to coarse hair textures de-frizzled and ultra-smooth.

Argan Oil Nutrition Infusing Mask  


Help support the reduction of DHT to prevent hair loss on the surface of the scalp.

Vitamin E hydrates and provides adequate nourishment leaving medium to coarse hair textures de-frizzled and ultra-smooth.

Argan Oil Hair & Body Serum  


Having remarkable effects on the hair, scalp & beard, thus it can be used for all skin types. For light-weight and fast absorbing, it’s gentle enough that can be used on even the most sensitive skin. 

Argan Oil Refreshing & Shining Spray


100% Pure Argan Oil can heal dry scalps and repair damanged , frizzy  and dead hair. 

Argan oil can treat hair elastic potently by replenishing and hydrating it with natural vitamins. 

what’s the certificates you provide?
we provide all certificates such as GMP, ISO, MSDS, FREE SELL, FDA, CE so on. Depends on what’s your requirements.
what are the benefits i can get to be your agency?
We would like to provide you all the videos, pictures and brochures you need for advertisement and technical guidance. Great rebates and many benefits for you at the end of year when you catch the sales goal. And even we can invest you to expend your business there if you need. You will be the only one to selling this brand in this country
what are the benefits of your items?
Our items from many important nature Materials, for example, Macadamia oil,Morocco argan oil so on. We aim to bring health and beauty for people.
I saw a lot of Argan and keratin on line. what’s the different between your products of others?
we know a lot of our competitors. We started from manufacture raw Materials,we have a great R&D department here and more than 20 years experience in this area. many of their raw Materials are bought from us

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