What should I do if my hair is lost? Be sure to see here!


Hair loss will occur when the season changes. This is a normal phenomenon, so don’t worry too much, but if you often lose hair, the following methods can help you: 1. For long-term hair loss, after washing and drying your hair, gently touch your scalp. Feel for "pimples" on your scalp, and seek medical attention immediately if you do. In fact, many girls have the problem of scalp acne, because the scalp is very fragile, and infection is normal. After a period of external use and stopping the use of hair masks, the scalp acne disappeared and hair loss was also suppressed. So please take care of your scalp health. 2. Scalp movement Separate the two fingers and press from the two fingers to the top of the head to dredge and relax the scalp.

Massage the left finger pulp from the left ear to the right along the scalp to the right ear, and the right finger pulp in the opposite direction, repeat 10 times. Hold the hair with your hands crossed, lift the hair up with a little effort, keep it for 3 seconds, and repeat 3-5 times. This gentle lifting exercise can help strengthen the roots and reduce hair fall.

3. Pay attention to the choice of combs. Do not use iron or plastic combs. It is recommended to use horn combs. Horn can cool blood and relieve fatigue. Long-term use of horn combs can prevent hair loss. 4. Use shampoo containing ginger extract to help hair growth. Ginger Shampoo uses natural ginger to control oil and dandruff. The unique fragrance deeply cares for the hair.


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