Is it harmful to the body to stay up late?


Hello, everyone, everyone knows that staying up late is bad for your health, but why do you still stay up late? Some people have to stay up late. In order to achieve good performance, staying up late is not only bad for our liver, but also bad for our skin. Especially for girls; staying up late will slow down the blood circulation of the skin epidermis, resulting in dull and dull skin, and poor circulation of microvascular around the eyes, leading to dark circles, the whole person looks haggard and spiritless, aging will also be accelerated. Especially women must not be boiled, I don't know how everyone maintains it? Next, let Yogi analyze it for everyone.

Girls with sensitive skin should pay more attention to cleansing products than other skin types, because using the wrong products can easily damage the skin. Cleansing products with particles must not be selected, and weak acid cleansing products with a pH of about 5.5 should be selected. Girls with oily skin should avoid choosing soda ash-based cleaning products, because it is easy to cause skin tension on the face, and long-term use of these products will affect skin health.

In fact, for oily skin, use a cleanser with a little oil control effect, and then strengthen the cleansing of the T area when washing. Do not wash your face too many times. In fact, the number of times you wash your face is also very particular. Many friends have oily skin, so they will wash their face more times on purpose. In fact, even if you have oily skin, you should not wash your face too many times. If you wash your face too many times, it will only make you oily. Just 4-5 times a day depends on the situation.

So everyone should be kind to your skin, keep our skin supple and smooth every day, don't let our skin look dull every day, and don't let our skin have keratin accumulation. So we have to maintain a good mood every day, so that we can let our skin relax. :.

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