which shampoo should I use? What should I pay attention to when shampooing?


According to experts, in fact, more than 90% of people have physiological dandruff, which is produced by normal metabolism. All they need is healthy daily care, and the frequency of shampooing does not need to be too high. An average of two to three times a week is enough. In fact, the generation of dandruff is not directly related to the frequency of shampooing. The replacement cycle of normal scalp cells is 28 days. After the dandruff cells are fully mature, tiny cells that cannot be seen by the naked eye peel off. The immature cells reach the top layer of skin where they flake off in visible debris, forming dandruff.

You should pay attention to some small details when washing your hair. Many people like to wash their hair with very hot water. Second, I am afraid of catching a cold, and first, I feel comfortable. This is completely wrong. Overheated water temperature will make dandruff grow more crazily. The correct water temperature should be kept at about 20 degrees Celsius.

The correct way to wash your hair: Rub the shampoo in the palm of your hand to make a rich foam, then massage gently to make the shampoo fully contact with the scalp, try to keep it for a period of time before rinsing. It is better to add a little salt: While using shampoo, add a teaspoon of bath salt or table salt, and then wash it, at least 1-2 times a week. Not only does it eliminate dandruff, but the hair can also regain its former luster.

No matter what kind of shampoo you choose, the first thing you should remember is that you should not use shampoo every day, as this will wash away the oil of the hair itself and make the hair and scalp dry. Secondly, shampoo should be used every other day. In addition, try to buy some combs with slightly rounded teeth, so as not to cause excessive irritation to the scalp.

Amino acid shampoo can also be used. Amino acid shampoo is a green and environmentally friendly product that is easy to rinse and saves water. Therefore, it is more suitable for people with allergies and children. Amino acid shampoo using amino acid surfactant as raw material can reduce the acid-base irritation to the scalp, and it has rich and stable foam, mild nature, and low irritation of the overall formula.

Amino acid shampoo is mild, environmentally friendly and healthy, which conforms to the current trend of skin care products and caters to the pursuit of health and nature by consumers. And the ph value of the amino acid surfactant is slightly acidic, and the ph7-9 is mild and non-irritating.

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